Dragged Through a Key Hole Backwards

One of my past bosses said that was how she felt on one of my first days of working for her almost 10 years ago…and truthfully this is how I feel today.

It started on Saturday, with a killer sore throat….that led to sneezes and a slightly runny nose on Sunday, which further developed into watery eyes and a runny nose on Monday.  By the time I was flying to Calgary yesterday morning, I was a complete mess.  Massive sinus pain, pressure and just a general, awful feeling of being in a fog.  Not a fun way to spend the first day of a work trip.

Oh and I have shin splints, that started up on Monday at Run Club, which made walking around the airport particularly painful.

Fast-forward to my evening last night….I couldn’t get warm, so I jumped into a hot bath….which seemed to really bring out my cold and led to a fun fever-chill thing all night, where at one point, my fever got so high that I actually sweat through my pjs and my bed linens…it was horrible.

My alarm went off at 6:45, and I felt sweaty and sick and my eye felt really funny.  I went to look in the bathroom and one of my eyes is completely swollen shut.  I grabbed my allergy meds, took some and tried to go back to sleep.  I was definitely not going down for breakfast with one eye all puffed out, so I figured I would just go back to sleep for a bit.

I had just started to drift off when a fire alarm went off.  So the whole hotel had to be evacuated…and for some time.  In the midst of my sickly, half asleep attempt at leaving, I grabbed my purse and coat, and through in my water bottle…which I didn’t realize was completely closed.  Essentially I had a bottle of water sloshing around with my wallet, keys, glasses, gloves (which are likely ruined), etc.

Since the fire alarm was caused by someone burning a piece of toast in the restaurant where the hotel breakfast was happening, they cancelled breakfast and just put out a platter of lacklustre pastries.  I grabbed one just because I felt like I needed something….even if it wasn’t the best nutritional choice.  Then, when I got back to my room, I started cleaning/drying my handbag and everything inside of it.  #sigh

I’ll be honest…I am sort of waiting for something else bad to go down. lol  In the meantime, I am just counting down the moments until my last meeting is over and I can go back to my hotel room, grab some food (if the kitchen/restaurant is open) and just sleep away the rest of the evening.

Hope your hump day is going better than mine!

~Princess Lisa


12 thoughts on “Dragged Through a Key Hole Backwards

  1. Ohhh! I feel so bad for you. Being sick is horrible enough, but being sick while you’re travelling is the most horrible. I would say you’re due for some awesome stuff to happen now in order to balance things out again.

    • I agree, Angie. Being sick while traveling, especially work traveling is brutal. I think that I might buy a lotto ticket for tomorrow’s draw. $50M would make me feel much better and negate the need for any work travel again. 😉

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