Ah Monday–We Meet Again

I really, truly, sincerely wish that the work week was only four days instead of five.  I feel like we would all be a bit happier with that extra day on our weekends.

But I digress as I don’t think that a change of that magnitude is going to happen anytime soon. lol

I am not going to complain too much about Mondays though…specifically this one.  It’s Run Club day and one of my run clubbers sent me the nicest note on Friday about how much she’s progressed (running 11-14 minute intervals and we started out doing 3 minutes with 3-5 rest) and it’s made me really excited to see her and run with her and the rest of the team today.  I was also greeted by a lovely message from one of my Aussie girls telling me about her new 5K PR that apparently I inspired.  Oh and (!) another injured friend also texted me to report she made it through a pain free three miles for the first time in about six months.

And in the end all of this has left me feeling inspired.  I can’t wait to hit the treadmill and knock out a run with my Run Club ladies.

Anyway, I digress.  I must get back to work…and maybe go grab a coffee…despite sleeping a fair bit last night, I can’t shake the sleepy vibe.

Take care and run safe everyone!

~Princess Lisa


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