Fun Times: An Outlook

Good Morning!

2014 has started out a bit rough for me, with things happening that I was not even close to anticipating.  In an effort to learn from the lessons that these few rough months have taught me, I am looking forward with a new, clear set of eyes and focus for fun times and opportunities for the next few months as well as some of the big ones for the rest of the year.


  • MEC 5K Race – April 6
  • Trip to see two of my dear friends from grad school in Toronto – April 10-14
  • Toronto Yonge Street 10K – April 13
  • Cupcake Baking Session with my little friend B – April 18
  • My adorable Aussie Niece’s First Birthday – April 18
  • My big brother’s birthday – April 21 (he’s going to be 39!)
  • Operation Hawaii Goal Bikini Shopping with my friend A – April 26


  • Winnipeg Police Service Half Marathon Relay – May 5  (Team  Honey Badger)
  • My dear friend L’s birthday – May 10
  • Fargo Half Marathon – May 11
  • Victoria Day Long Weekend – essentially a long weekend where I plan to do nothing!
  • Lady Gaga Concert with two lovely friends – May 22


  • My first Run Club Goal Race – June 1
  • Maybe run the Manitoba Half  Marathon – June 15
  • My dear friend C’s birthday – June 15
  • Work trip to Ottawa (plus a few pleasure days to visit friends and meet my new nephew Q) – June 16-22
  • Summer should finally be arriving in Winnipeg! 🙂

Beyond June:

  • Registration for the Princess Half – July 15
  • Colour Run with the Run Club – July 19
  • 10K Trail Run – July 27
  • True Blood Nights will recommence (Sundays)
  • Hill work and Guinness Floats with my buddy O (random nights)
  • Tinkerbell Half Registration – August 12
  • My 34th Birthday – August 23
  • Taking my little friend B to her first concert – Katy Perry – August 26
  • Queen City Half Marathon with my buddy O and Princess Lindsey – September 7
  • My dad’s birthday – September 26
  • MEC 10K – September 28
  • Aussie Friend reunion in Hawaii – October 10-17
  • Potential race in Hawaii, running 5 miles each way up and down a mountain – October 12
  • Begin training for the Glass Slipper Challenge (with PR Goals) in Disney World – October 20
  • MEC 5K – November 2
  • Cupcake decorating party with my little friend B – December  (TBA)
  • Hosting a massive Christmas dinner for my family December 24

As you can see, I have a lot of wonderful things to look forward to. 🙂  Would love to know what fun things you have planned for the coming year! 🙂  Let us know in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Fun Times: An Outlook

    • Billy, I am not from the Toronto area, but I do know that there are a few other races happening in the next few months that are being organized by Mountain Equipment Co-op (they are very affordable and well run, but barebones–I have signed up for all of the ones in my hometown of WInnipeg) and by the same folks who do the Yonge Street 10K (which is the Canada Runner Series, I believe). I would check some of those out. Good luck!

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