Friday Five (Times Two)

Bahahaha!  I’m finally home…and will be home for the next 11 days!  YES!

And that is not all…there are at least 10 other things that are making me happy right now aside from being home.

1.  I am running injury free again *knocks on wood*.  I ran 30 minutes yesterday at an 8:22 min/mile pace.  Maybe I won’t completely suck at the Toronto Yonge Street 10K after all–I mean, PR is out of the question (unless I am a miracle day), but a respectable time isn’t! 🙂  T-minus 44 days!  Woot!

2. My favourite restaurant in Winnipeg has brought back my favourite menu item after a three year hiatus – that item is mac and cheese.  It helped me get through training for my first full marathon and I haven’t had it since.  I am in the process of making dinner plans to get there asap!

3. I’m going to Hawaii in October to see my Aussie bestie and meet my Aussie niece! 🙂  Though I’m bummed about the circumstances that has allowed this trip to happen, I’m so thrilled beyond belief to see my friend and meet my favourite little Aussie in the flesh!  The warm weather, tasty cocktails and opportunities to frolic in the ocean also have me a bit happy, too.

imagesCALU65HF4. I have 3 boxes Girl Scout Cookies – Samoas to be exact!  Being Canadian, I have always heard, but never tried Girl Scout Cookies (we have Girl Guide cookies here, which is a similar organization with cookies akin to crappy chocolate and vanilla Oreos).  My dad got talked into buying a box of Samoas when we were at an Outlet mall, post Princess Half Marathon and well, those cookies didn’t last the night!  I managed to find a girl at the Mall of America selling 4 boxes for $20 this past weekend.  My dad and I inhaled the first box that afternoon at the mall…and the rest are sitting in my cupboard, awaiting the perfect opportunity to be devoured.

5. I am meeting up with a friend of mine for a pedicure tomorrow.  I haven’t seen her since she left for her trip to Africa in January!!!!  I can’t wait to see her and to have my ugly toes made beautimous…

Word Mamma June!

6. It’s Friday.  After a week of traveling for both work and pleasure, I finally get a few days at home and just be.  Puttering around and sleeping in your own bed are highly underrated things in life.  It really is so comforting I can’t believe it.

7. The Oscars are happening this weekend and I’m having a little party with my Aunt to watch it–she’s getting the vino and I’m bringing treats!  Plus, we’ve seen all the best picture nominations but two–not a bad record considering I normally haven’t seen more than 1 or 2.

8. Sunday also marks a new episode of True Detective and Walking Dead…I’m particularly excited about the walking dead as this is supposed to be a Darryl Dixon centred episode. 🙂  #squee

9.  Fresh Groceries.  After tonight’s workout, I’m hitting up the gym for some fresh groceries.  I haven’t eaten normal in a week thank to all the travel.  I can’t wait to dig into some good ol’ nutrition.

10. Sleep-in on Sunday.  Just the thought of it quickens my pulse! 🙂

What things are making you happy this Friday?


~Princess Lisa


10 thoughts on “Friday Five (Times Two)

  1. So, first, congratulations on running injury free!!!!! You’re now like the eagle soaring at the end of the American Experience! But a Canadian version. You get the idea.

    Also, those girl scouts, they’re a crafty bunch. BUT the thin mints are the ABSOLUTE BEST. Also, I see Minnesota was charging a premium, $4/box in Florida. they’re a wily bunch those girl scouts…

  2. Oh my god I couldn’t live without girl scout cookies! Welcome to the dark side 🙂 Have you tried peanut butter patties? They’re the best! Also I love that June quote, that show is seriously hilarious!

    • hahaha! I don’t know what I will do without them if I can’t find them in Orlando next year!…or find a dealer for the years after…lol. February is not a common time for me to be state side.

      I have never tried the peanut butter patties, but the thought of them is making my mouth water. YUM!

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