Weekly Workout Recap Wednesday

Week 8:




  • Determined.  I over did it a bit in my return to running, but I’m being more careful now…even brough an ice pack to work.
  •  Depressed.  I feel like I have been putting in a lot of effort – food prep, eating my protein, training my butt off…but all I’m accomplishing is getting bigger (and stronger), not smaller.



  •  15 minutes stationary bike
  •  30 minutes running (3.5 miles)
  • 40/40/40/40
  • ice/rehab/stretch
  •  No gym for me today.  Instead, I went to meal prep course after work.



  •  day off–crazy sore achilles
  •  Dance teaching.  I spotted a lot of acrobatic tricks, and got kicked in the face a few too many times…



  •  day off, drove to Minneapolis
  •  Last workout of challenge at the gym + final measurements and pictures.  I gained 0.5″ at my bellybutton over the past 5 weeks…oops.  :S



  •  day off, too busy shopping
  •  Intended to go for a 30 min workout, but stayed for an hour.  Did 305# partial squats and was pretty happy with that.  Then got home and put on my Cinderella dress…and broke the zipper because I’m too big.  😦



  • day off, too busy shopping


  •  Woke up at 4am to watch the gold medal Olympic hockey game.  After getting home around 8am, I was too tired to do anything for the rest of the day!



  •  run club:2.94 miles run/walk
  • 20 minute run (2.29 miles, 1.04 not accounted for on my garmin)
  •  Intense cardio circuit at the gym.  Hated it during, but appreciated it after.



  •  25 minute run (2.96 miles)
  • 40/40/40/40
  • limited stretch session
  •  Partial squats, partial deadlifts, and another brutal cardio circuit.
  • Hit 355# on my partial squat 🙂

Highlight of the Week

  •  no pain during all the walking in Minneapolis…and no further pain on Monday’s runs.
  •  355# partial squat, my new PR!

Goal(s) Moving Forward

  •  Same as last week–slow build up to doing longer runs (ie longer than 30 minutes).  It feels great right now so I’m hoping for the best.
  •  More running.  I’m getting too bulky…adding muscle but not losing fat, so just upsizing, essentially 😦  Need to add some HIIT sessions & treadmill days separate from my regular group training to get into that fat burning zone before summer.


  • Week:11.69
  • Year: 80 miles
  • Week: 0
  • Year: 6ish

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