On the Road Again- More Healthy Travel Tips

So I think it’s Tuesday, right?  Right.

I have been back from my frazzling mini break to the Twin Cities to see the Paul Simon and Sting concert (which was horribly disappointing), for about 16 hours and I already have re-packed my bags to head to Edmonton for work.  I know it kind of sounds glamorous, but truthfully, it is exhausting.  I think I will sleep the night away when I finish my meetings tonight…oh and of course maybe sneak in a mini treadmill date.

While on my Minneapolis road trip, I learned a few more things about staying healthy on the road…specifically on road trips.  As an aside, this post is inspired by the fact that this weekend was a bad one for healthy eating (I mean, I found a package of Cookie Dough Oreos in Target.–you know things won’t go well when you find those).

1. Road trips are evil for mindless eating- try to keep large quantities of junk food out of the car…or out of reach. lol.  Over the ten hour drive to Minneapolis on treacherous roads (it is normally only 7 hours), I may have stress eaten a massive bag of Cheesey Garlic Bread Lays.

2. Pick your indulgences.  Try to indulge on things that are special to the place–ie. I indulge in delicious breakfasts at my favourite restaurant in Minneapolis, called Hell’s Kitchen but I say no to the hotel’s piping hot “greeting” cookies…or at least I try to.

3.  As an extension of the above, try to avoid drinking  your calories.  If you are eating out for your meals, and drinking sugary sodas or boozey drinks…or even fancy lattes, the calories can add up…and truthfully, I’d rather eat those calories.

4. Get in your workouts as early as you can.  It’s so easy when you are traveling to have an excuse for not getting your workout in.  You’ve already walked for 8 hours around a massive mall/city/museum/theme park and I am too tired/sore to do anything more, you just ate a big dinner or it’s too late…etc.  Even if it is only 20 minutes, it still gives you a bit of endorphins and keeps your fitness up.  And yes, this is a repeat from my last travel tip, but it bears repeating…

5.  Mess with your meal times.  This tip tends to work pretty well for me and my friends/family when traveling for vacation purposes (vs work which is entirely different ball game).  Since I tend to sleep in a little bit on vacation, I tend to have later and arguably more indulgent breakfasts.  These tend to keep me going for a LONG time..til at least dinner…essentially missing lunch.  That doesn’t mean, however, that you should over indulge on treats or eat extra at dinner because you “missed” that meal.  Rather that missed meal offers an opportunity to balance out your calorie intake for the day and may keep you from gaining some vacation weight.

You can click here to read my other healthy work travel tips and if you have any more to add, feel free to do so in the comments.

Bon Voyage!

~Princess Lisa


13 thoughts on “On the Road Again- More Healthy Travel Tips

  1. These are good tips — on vacations or anytime I’m away from home, if my workouts don’t happen early, they don’t happen at all. ALSO I used to live in Minneapolis and AHHH I LOVE HELL’S KITCHEN SO SO MUCH

    • Thanks Katherine! My workouts tend not to happen during vacations unless I get them done in the morning. Work travel, I tend to have open evenings, so I can sneak it in there…provided my hotel has a nice gym. 🙂

      And yes, Hell’s Kitchen is the bomb. I don’t know what my favourite thing is there because it is all so good! 🙂 I am already counting down until my next trip (maybe May).

      • Everything’s so good … the lemon ricotta pancakes are maybe my favorite? I also always get a cup of porridge, which is a bit odd because I never eat oatmeal or porridge or anything like that, but Hell’s Kitchen’s porridge is INCREDIBLE. I crave it. I think about it constantly.

      • YES I DO! Actually it’s my boyfriend’s, but it’s in our apartment! I’m kinda afraid to attempt anything from it in fear it somehow won’t be as the restaurant…

  2. #4 is key! When I’m traveling, whether for work or leisure, my rule is I can’t go out to eat until I’ve been to the gym. Because even just one glass of wine and there is zero possibility that I will jump on a treadmill. Frankly, I don’t even need alcohol as a deterrent. Simply eating a heavy meal makes me too tired for physical fitness.

    • Average Jayne: I like your hard and fast rule of not going out to eat until you have hit the gym. I think I should’ve done that this past weekend. lol

      Oh and any sort of meal ruins me for the gym. My stomach is really sensitive and I need two hours between eating and working out…plus I just find eating after your workout is just that much more satisfying!

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