Princess-ing, Planning, and Packing!

Happy Monday, princesses!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!  I know that many of you are recovering from Princess Half weekend in Orlando…have a Mickey ice cream bar for me, ok?!

While you were all costumed to race, I was dressed up and running my own personal challenge: the marathon that is the local 3-year-old birthday party circuit!  I had the pleasure of getting dressed up again this weekend (after playing Rapunzel for the Cystic Fibrosis Princess Ball last weekend), but this time I got to be Cindy 🙂  Honestly, I found her much harder to play in terms of mannerisms…she doesn’t have as rich of a personality as Rapunzel…but it was so much fun anyway!

princess planning 2

Rapunzel and friends at the CF fundraiser

princess planning 1

CF Princess Ball fundraiser

princess planning 4


princess planning 3

Does Cinderella do selfies?!

I’m a little more than one week from our trip to NYC + DC and, as a total Type A personality, I’m already advance packing and making all kinds of lists!  The itinerary so far:

In NYC, we want to check out the 9/11 Memorial site, spend a day at the Met (they have an exhibit with Faberge eggs right now!), take our dear nephew to FAO Schwartz and buy him loud and annoying toys, shop a bit at Macy’s, see a play (we have tix for Sleep No More), and see a musical (hoping to score discount tickets for either Newsies or Matilda).  AAANNND…I’m super pumped because we also have tickets for the brand new Late Night with Seth Meyers (love him!) as well as LIVE with Kelly & Michael (love them!).  The anticipation is killing me – I keep stalking both websites to see if the guest line-up has been released yet! No luck so far…

In DC, I’m planning on basically all the Smithsonians at the Capital Mall, plus the Supreme Court, the Library of Congress, the Newseum, and the White House.  I also booked a twilight bus tour that takes you around all the monuments and stuff lit up at night, with I think will be super neat, and something we wouldn’t do if we had to walk it ourselves.  And, any NBA fans?  We really aren’t, but I got stellar Washington Wizards vs. Charlotte Bobcats tickets for a great price, and I think it will be fun just to say that we went to a game.

But now…I’m stuck looking at an empty suitcase, wondering what to pack!! Any ideas?! I know comfortable shoes…but come on, it’s New York! I have to be a bit trendy too?! And I have no idea what the dress code is in DC.  And it’s stressing me out, as a packer! Help!!

Princess Lindsey


14 thoughts on “Princess-ing, Planning, and Packing!

  1. FEAR NOT, FOR I LIVE IN DC AND CAN TELL YOU wear whatever you want. Basically. Yeah. I guarantee it’ll be much warmer than where you’re coming from, and we’ve been having great weather the last few days. If you want to go for a run while you’re in the District, let me know!

  2. A warm jacket, gloves, riding boots! It’s supposed to be uncharacteristically cold for March in NYC (probably no better than Calgary). Hopefully DC weather is nicer for you guys.
    Danny has squeaked in a couple runs this week, so should be ready to rip around Central Park with you.
    I did not know about the Faberge egg exhibit. Psyched for that!

  3. For NYC wear comfy shoes for day. The weather is still not great and prone to slippery surfaces so I think trendy grippy boots are fine. Truly do not being heels and the like unless the weather significantly warms up.

    NYC is a walking city so keep that in mind and enjoy your vacation!

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