Save Your Sanity at Princess Half Weekend, Part II: Running & Post-Race

Yesterday, we started with Part I: Pre-Race Tips for Princess Half Marathon weekend.  Today, we bring you Part II.  Read on! 🙂

Part II: Running & Post-Race Tips


Why not order a hotel wake-up call, just in case? Who doesn’t want to start their day by hearing Stitch’s voice?!
Courtesy Pocket Princesses, Amy Mebberson.

Step 6: Be mindful of your time.  Set several alarms, give yourself extra shuttle bus times, time to navigate traffic, etc.  With so many people hitting a small area with road closures, you know it is going to be problematic.  Remind your loved ones and spectators to do the same.

Step 7: Pick a meeting spot.  We established that we would meet at family tent “B,” which was easy to remember because “B” represents both of our last names.  We found each other no problem, despite the crowds, and were able to make an easy exit to the engraving station and then the bus home.  Our friends, however, did not choose a meeting spot.  By the time she was done (she was corral H-ish compared to my corral B), the area was swarming with people, and I think they literally took hours to find each other.  Save yourself the hassle, help yourself to get out of other people’s way, and pick a meeting place!

Step 8:  Be prepared for fellow races to unexpectedly stop all throughout the race.  Yeah, yeah – you’ve already read 10 posts about runDisney etiquette this week…why can’t everyone just read and respect those?  Because, they are not all superstar Disney runners like you, and some of them just don’t know any better.  They will learn.  But until then, expect no warning for stops at water stations, walk/run intervals, character stops, or any other photo opportunity.  Stay aware and you will keep yourself upright and uninjured.

Step 9: Stay to the far FAR right while racing.  I know this is counter-intuitive if you’re trying to go fast, but it will help you to break free from the pack as well as spare your legs.  When you start running on the Parkway, the right-hand side of the road has a grassy strip beside it.  Running on grass and dirt is easier on your joints than running on asphalt, so take advantage of the extra cushioning while you can!  Venturing that far to the right will also allow you to go around all those people who aren’t following proper race etiquette about signaling their intervals, running 5 people wide, etc.

Step 10: If you want to get your medal engraved, bring cash, or have someone pre-pay for you.  We made the mistake of not bringing cash to the finish line, so we had to wait in line for a credit card to be processed, whereas other people were doing a quick and easy handover of a couple bills.


Be extra-sugar-and-spice nice! Everyone at PHM just wants to have sweat, sparkle, and have fun!
Courtesy Pocket Princesses, Amy Mebberson.

BONUS Step 11: Celebrate!  Once the races are over, you will see Princesses everywhere with their medals.  Be friendly, congratulate them, and help make someone else’s weekend as special as your own! 🙂


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