Weekly Workout Recap Wednesday

Week 7:




  •  Feeling very positive and focused on building my run time (slowly) and not re-injuring myself.
  •  Feeling pretty positive in terms of workouts.  Feeling pretty negative in terms of personal feelings. It was nice, I guess, to let activity offset the personal junk.


  • 12 minute run (1.4 miles)
  • 45 stationary bike
  • 40/40/40/40
  • rehab/stretch/ice/roll
  • taught a swim lesson (does this count?) lol
  • deadlifts up to 135#
  • weighted back bridge up to 165#
  • some other powerlifting
  • cardio circuit including backwards weighted drag and piggybacking my 200 lb trainer


  • 30 minute stationary bike
  • 15 minute power walk
  • rehab/stretch/ice/roll
  • teaching dance x 2ish hours.  I bailed early because I had to start work at 5am the next day.


  • rest day
  • light Romanian deadlift for hamstrings
  • deadlift up to 145#
  • weighted back bridge up to 225#
  • cardio circuit including Turkish getups, 2 points plank, tire sledge


  • 25 minute power walk
  • 20 minute run (2.31 miles)
  • ice/rehab/massage/stretch
  •  cardio circuit only, no weights


  • 25 minute run (2.92 miles)
  • 10 minute power walk
  • 10 minutes stationary bike
  • ice/rehab/massage/stretch
  •  “rest” day, which included dressing up like Rapunzel and partying for 4 hours! It barely felt like a rest!


  •  30 minute run (3.51 miles)
  •  10 minute power walk
  • ice/rehab/massage/stretch
  •  day off of work so I hit the gym early.  I don’t think I’m as effective in the morning as the mid-late afternoon…
  • super low box squats with a stop at the bottom to kill momentum, up to 75#
  • weighted back bridge and crunches
  • cardio circuit including box push, kettlebells, and battling rope


  •  45 minutes stationary bike
  • ice/rehab/massage/stretch
  • partial bench press up to 115# – that was HARD!!
  • cardio circuit including jumping high kicks (like in the Spice Girls video! – hi-YAH!), heavy row, jumping pull-ups, and agility

Highlight of the Week

  •  running 30 minutes.  It felt amazing.
  •  using workouts to get through a heap of personal yuckiness

Goal(s) Moving Forward

  •  get back to doing 40/40/40/40 and other strength training
  • rebuilding my running at a slower pace.  I was a bit over zealous in the past days and am now paying for it.
  •  eat clean this week.  So far, doing pretty good (minus 2 Timbits!)  The challenge at my gym ends this upcoming weekend, so I’m trying to shed a couple extra inches and look extra toned before we take final measurements & photos!


  • Week: 10.14
  • Year: 68.31 miles
  • Week: 0
  • Year: 6ish

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