No FOMO Here!

kelly ripa

Going to see my hair twin! Yippee!!

Yesterday, poor Lis wrote about a sad day full of FOMO – the fear of missing out.  Not to do a giant trampoline bounce off of her unhappiness…but today, clearly karma is trying to balance out the universe, as the other half of Princess Runners is having a very FOMO-less day!  So, I’m sure Lisa’s luck is going to change soon too! 🙂
So far, there’s no missing out to be had here!  Last week I swooped in and scooped a pair of tickets to LIVE with Kelly & Michael for our upcoming trip to NYC.  Then this morning a frantic phone call (and probably $10 of long distance minutes from my cell phone…oops) scored me a pair for the brand spanking new Late Night with Seth Meyers show! Squeee!!  AAAAAANDDDD…the icing on the cake was signing up for Melissa’s Road Race.  Registration went live sometime this morning, and thankfully there were still spots left by the time I checked before work.  So, it’s been a great day so far!!

Other things that are making me happy right now:


Aunty loves you!

~ The countdown to see this monkey.  Only 17 more sleeps!

~ Dreaming of the Smithsonian.  We watched BOTH Night at the Museum movies this weekend to get “ready” for the upcoming museum-palooza!

~ Little princesses.  This past weekend I volunteered with Cystic Fibrosis Alberta at a fundraiser called the Princess Ball.  300 little princesses (and a few little princes!) brought their moms and dads, everyone dressed to the nines, for a sugar-filled date with their favourite princesses.  I was privileged to get to play Rapunzel, one of my favs, and it was an awesome day.  We danced, made crafts, and had the most adorable and hilarious interactions.  I think my favourite part was singing “When Will My Life Begin” to a pint-sized princess, maybe3 years old.  Her mom laughed and said “That pretty much made your life, didn’t it? Rapunzel just sang to you?!”  It was a happy, happy day.   🙂


Princess Rapunzel at the ball

princess group

The Princess Ball royalty team

Until next time!
Princess Lindsey


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