FOMO in the Truest Sense

Morning Everyone!

The streets of Winnipeg are rather empty…and truthfully a lot of places are today as it is a holiday…for nearly everyone…except me.  I’m beyond annoyed that I’m here at my desk, soon to be attending what will be a painful, never-ending staff meeting.  All the while pretty much everyone I know is basking in their pajamas, hanging with people they love, enjoying time just puttering around or even going out to play in the the freshly fallen powdery snow on the warmest day we’ve had since November.

I digress…however.  Life isn’t so bad.  I had a great weekend with friends, including a rather hard to hear, but very useful conversation over a delicious dinner and dessert with one of my nearest and dearest about the progress I have made in some parts of my life and the parts where I am still struggling or disappointed about.  I feel like after having said conversation shifted something in my head and that some wheels have been put into motion.

My weekend was also great because I got to run a few times, with my last run totaling 25 minutes.  I was a bit sore after it…which is understandable….I have probably ramped up a bit too quickly (I know), given that last week I had run only 5 minutes.  I plan on sticking with 25 minutes for a few more days, essentially until I can finish that amount of time without any pain.white_overdrive_1

I also bought myself a few treats–the first being run related.  I picked myself up a pair of Play 110 Harder Overdrive + Compression Sock + Ice Kit Socks. I bought them through a sporty version of Groupon (aka on sale).  I cannot wait to test these babies out—especially given how great their compression pants are.   I also treated myself to a really neat skirt from Club Monaco.  I saw it and fell immediately in love.  I have yet to take the tags off it. It’s probably silly that I haven’t as I know deep down that it is a keeper–it’s so figure flattering and unique…I just love it .  However, I am also aware of the fact that I will be hitting up the two biggest malls in North America over the next 10 days (hello Mall of America and West Edmonton Mall).  One never knows what might come out of that. Haha!

Anyway, work is bellowing so I must be off.  Happy Holiday Monday everyone and please have a Bailey’s Coffee for me this morning!

Run Happy!

~Princess Lisa


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