Friday Five

Oh Fridays…how do I love thee?  Speaking of Love, Happy Pal-entine’s Day?  Like it?  That’s my singleton approach to the day.  I’m spending it at the gym and then hanging out with a fellow singleton.  There might also be some beverages imbibed…but who knows.  Beverages make for rough Saturday morning workouts.

Today’s “Five” is dedicated to the  most dreadful pieces of dating advice I have ever received:

1. “You just have to put yourself out there more.”  WTF does this mean?  It’s not like I sit and home and hide under a rock in a basement all day.

2. “You just need to stop looking/worrying about it and it will happen.”  Umm…no.  I didn’t worry about dating for most of my twenties…and nobody came a knockin’ on my door.

3. “You need to go online–there is no stigma anymore.”  Agreed, the stigma is far decreased, but it’s still a very artificial way of meeting people.   Due to the sheer volume you are, for better or worse, forced to dismiss people based on their pictures and what is said in their profile and messages.

4. “Just be yourself.”  Who else have I been all this time?  Similar to this is: “work on being the best you.”  I have been doing that for years…and I’m tired. lol.

5.  “You wouldn’t date any of your friends’ partners” aka “you are being too picky.”  This is a piece of advice a well meaning friend constantly gives me and it drives me nuts.  99.9% of my friend’s partners or husbands were introduced to me as such.  I didn’t know them as single guys or as a separate entity from my friend.  So no, I wouldn’t date any of my friends’ partners because they are my friends partners.  Can I see their attractive qualities, absolutely, but I have never considered them as a potential mate situation because they are already taken…so any potential for finding them partner worthy was shut down when they get introduced as my bf/husband/partner, etc.

Do you have any hated pieces of advice?  Please share and make Pal-entine’s Day even better!

Much Luv,

~Princess Lisa


4 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. I think you nailed them all.

    The last one is a weird one though. I’ve heard the picky thing but telling me I would never date my friends’ partners makes zero sense. And honestly, I wouldn’t really date any of the people my friends have gone out with. We’re all different with different tastes.

    People all have good intentions but truly, they should just shut their trap and listen instead of doling out trite, useless advice.

    So funny – I keep forgetting today is Valentine’s Day. Haha!

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