Throwback Thursday: All Dolled Up

I’m not going to lie.  My lack of running has shifted my body composition a fair bit, leaving me feeling like a big ol’ frump.  My skinny jeans feel skinner, my leg muscles feel softer and muffin tops poking out over all of my favourite pairs of trousers.

As a result, today’s TBT is dedicated to one of my least frumpy occasions- my 30th birthday in Vegas….complete with pro make up job, good friends and a night of clubbin’.  This photo used to make me sad as it also marked the height of my eating disorder (and a fair bit of over exercising), but now I look at it with pride. Pride because I have come full circle and now have a healthy relationship with food and exercise and I no longer hate my body (well, except my stupid Achilles…lol) .   I am already looking forward to another opportunity to get dolled up like this again…though perhaps with some sequins next time.  I mean, every night out needs to have some sort of sparkle, right?


Much luv and Happy Small Friday!

~Princess Lisa


8 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: All Dolled Up

  1. I’ve always said, if I ever win the lottery (stupid statement, really, considering I have never bought a ticket!) I will employ a full-time hair and makeup person. Imagine having a professional blow-out and makeup session every day…. in a million years I could never get a smokey eye to look as good as it does in your photo!

    • I would do the exact same thing! And, like you, I never buy lotto tickets either despite saying that I will. Hah! I can do a smokey eye on my own pretty decently, but anything with bold colour ends up looking too intense when I do it vs a pro. The best part of this application is that it was still perfect at 5am! Go Mac Cosmetics in Las Vegas. lol.

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