Weekly Workout Recap Wednesday

Week 6

Weekly Workout Recap Wednesday is changing a bit this week–Princess Lindsey is joining me in posting her workouts.  Super excited and extremely motivating to be working out together, despite living two provinces away.





Three weeks without running and I’m going to lose my mind.  Last week was hard as I thought I was going to be back to running, having run 8 minutes without pain, only to have several days of pain afterwards.  Fortunately one more week of that dreaded stationary bike allowed me to sneak in a total of 15 minutes of running at the end of the week.  #Squee  Bah humbug! I ate like crap last week.  I pretty much succumbed to eating everything in sight – lattes, daily salty yellow popcorn (the really good stuff!), donuts, you name it.  I felt so sick, but I just couldn’t stop eating.


 – 40/40/40/40 – no cardio – went to see Frozen  Gym day


 – Nothing–migraine episode  Dance teaching.  The kids were kind of out of control this evening, so we didn’t accomplish a whole lot…


 – 40 minutes stationary bike- 5 minutes skipping- icing/rehab/strecthing  Gym day again.  We haven’t been squatting a ton lately, and when we have it has been to a lower depth than usual, so my load has suffered a bit.


 – 40 minutes stationary bike- 60 minutes TRX- 40/40/40/40

– ice/rehab/stretch

 Usually I’m at the gym first thing on Saturday morning, but this weekend I had to work instead 😦  By the time I got home around 4:30 I wasn’t interested in doing much. We hit a movie and I barely ate my popcorn.


– 45 minutes stationary bike- 7 minutes skipping- ice/rehab/stretch

– no 40/40/40/40 – too sore from TRX

 Do nothing day.  My usual Sunday gym partner was busy, and I asked my other half if he wanted to go to the gym and hit the track, but there was no uptake, so we spent the day on the couch, pretty much.


 RUN CLUB!- 5 minutes of running (0.47)!- 35 minutes of stationary bike

– ice/rehab/stretch

– still sore from TRX (no 40/40/40/40)

 Gym day!  Unfortunately, today was also pull-ups day at the gym, my most unfavourite!  Blech!  But we did get to do tire flips too, which are popular with me, so that balanced it out I guess.


 – 40 minutes of stationary bike- 10 minutes of running (1.14 miles)- ice/rehab/stretch  Day off.

Highlight of the Week

Isn’t it obvious?!  15 minutes of running! A newer girl at the gym looked at my 155# on the bar and said “I’m always so impressed with how much you lift!”  That motivated me to jack it up and get back to 215# on the bar that night 🙂  So, thanks, Candice!

Goal Moving Forward

 Keep building, but safely so I don’t re-injure myself. Get back on track with eating and resist temptation this week.


Week: 1.61 milesYear: 57.73 Week: 0Year: 6ish

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