DIY Glitterific Team Spirit Tee!

So, woe is me – I’m busy hosting Olympic events at work right now, and will be for the next 2 weeks…and somehow I have NO patriotic gear?!  OK, not exactly NONE – I have Canada mitts and a toque…but that’s not exactly work wear, and I don’t know if I can get away with wearing that stuff daily for the next 10 days!  And somehow, I also seem to have given away all of my red clothing.  I don’t think red is really one of my best colours, so I ditched it all and as such, have been pretty lame when it comes to team spirit-wear so far.  All while Canada is kicking ass and taking names.  So, I figured I better fix that.

Here’s the problem though: I’m not in love with the HBC official Canada gear, plus, it’s expensive.  $40 for a t-shirt that I don’t even like?  Yeah, no thanks.  And other stores like Walmart have trotted out patriotic stuff too, but it’s not very exciting, and all that is left is larges and extra larges because everybody and their dog wants to jump on the bandwagon.  So, I was left to my own devices, and here’s what I came up with:

DIY Glitterific Team Spirit Tee

– cheap cotton t-shirt/tank top.  I bought one for $5 at Walmart, but if you have something in your drawer that you don’t mind re-purposing, save the $5 and go for it!
– loose glitter (the finer, the better)
– Mod Podge or other white paste-y glue- paintbrush
– tape

Try on your t-shirt and identify A) where you would like the image to go and B) how big you would like it to be.  Have you ever seen a cute printed t-shirt and then put it on and said “That looks so weird on my boobs!!”  No? Maybe it’s just me?!?  Anyway, sometimes graphics seem to hit me in all the wrong places, so decide where you would like to put your image so that it doesn’t look silly, and so that it’s the right size for your body.  I marked my area off with safety pins.  Then, take the shirt off and measure the proposed dimensions of the graphics – mine was around 7″ high, and I knew, based on what I was printing, that it would end up about equal width as well.

Use Google + your printer to find a large and simple image that you would like to silhouette.  I obviously wanted to represent Canada, so I chose a maple leaf.  Not the flag, just the leaf.  I set it to print 7″ tall, since that was the size that I wanted.  Once printed, carefully cut out the image, and lay it on top of your t-shirt, centered (or not, if you want to do some cute off-set thing).  Then, tape around the image, using the straight lines of your tape as borders.  I used masking tape, but duct tape, scotch tape, or anything else should work the same, I would imagine.


Once your image is taped out, you can remove the cut-out graphic, and you will be left with a stencil of your design.  Lay a few layers of scrap paper (newspaper, a flyer, etc.) between the front and back layers of your shirt – otherwise your glue might end up soaking through and gluing the shirt shut, and leaving a yucky glue stain on the back.  On a paper plate/tinfoil/old newspaper or something throw-out-able, pour a big puddle of glue and add a LOT of glitter, and mix them up with your paintbrush.  Then, start painting!  Make sure you work the “paint” into your fabric as best you can.  When the whole stencil is covered, leave it to dry overnight or for a few hours.


As soon as it’s dry, you can remove the bits of tape and what remains should be a glitterific image!  I ended up adding some glue-on rhinestones to mine too because there’s no such thing as too much sparkle.

And voila!  I might repeat this for other events like runDisney or WDW trips and do simple character silhouettes or something…I’m really happy with the result though.  I like this much better than what was in the stores, and it was a ton cheaper too!  Happy crafting!!

Princess Lindsey


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