So that just happened…

As yesterday’s post mentioned, I was GRUMPY!IMG_2682[1]

Thankfully it was Run Club last night and I was forced into a better mood. I am so proud of how everyone is working hard to get their runs in (though part of it might be the challenge that I gave them–see right).  Every group member pushed themselves either in speed or in the amount of time that they ran.  I continue to be inspired by these amazing individuals and I cannot wait to see what they accomplish by the time we get read to run Princess in 2015!

I will also admit that I cheated and went for a run last night.  Not long–only a slow 5 minutes…but I was pain free and continue to be pain free 12 hours later.  This gives me hope that I will be up and running, literally again, soon. *fingers crossed*

As I was finishing my post workout rehab, I checked my email and there was a notice saying I had a new message waiting for me on my online dating account.  All I can say is that it is a good thing that I wasn’t in the mood I was in only a few hours earlier….


I have no words.  I actually laughed at the audacity….took this screen capture, sent it to friends for a laugh and then blocked him.  I wanted to reply back telling him was an a-hole he is, but I knew it wouldn’t matter.  D-bags like this guy don’t get it and wouldn’t get it…. I mean, he sent this to me after all.

And on that note, I bid you adieu.  I must get started with work and also prep a little something for run club.

Take care and happy Tuesday everyone!

~Princess Lisa



11 thoughts on “So that just happened…

  1. I’m happy you ran 5 minutes with no pain and no pain later! Yaaay! And I’m kinda creeped out by on-line dude. Glad you got a good laugh out of it and shared with friends.

    • Angie, I think the only thing to do was laugh at the sheer grossness of it. I’m really trying to shift my approach to online dating to that of a social experiment so that this kind of stuff is less insulting and sad. hah!

      And yay indeed for the run! It felt like I was flying! 🙂

  2. The men of online dating never cease to amaze me! Seriously, what are they thinking? I might have responded, “Yes, please wire $20,000 to this routing number. Thanks!” LOL What I love is that you’re taking care of yourself and doing “you,” while you look for someone. So many women don’t focus on themselves, but wait around for Mr. Right.

    • Kleellis–it blows my mind the things I have recieved…from one word “Hey” messages to “your cute” to well, this dandy message. I think that the only thing to do at this point in my life is to keep on doing what I need and want to do as waiting for the guy just wastes my valuable time…time I’d rather spend running, blogging, cuddling with my nieces or baking…especially baking. 🙂

    • Jenn…I did not and I’m not sure if I should just be disturbed, saddened or impressed by the ingenuity of such an idea. lol. Either way, I am not undertaking elective surgery for anyone but myself and for my own motivations.

      I wish I could attract ass men…or any men that aren’t d-bags like this. The ironic thing is that I actually am busty…it makes me wonder what crazy sized chesticles this random thought I needed. G cups maybe? lol.

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