Today = Grumpy

Today is really, truly one of those days where I feel like I should’ve stayed in bed.  It’s freezing cold (I have been at my desk for an hour and I still have my parka on), I’m worn out from a busy (though generally fun- lame first date not included) weekend, my muscles ache after being used for the first time in awhile at a TRX class on Saturday and my demeanor right now is that of a complete and utter grump.  Clearly my nearly month long running hiatus is not helping.  I’ve noticed an edge growing in my attitude, a sprinkle of anger and frustration that grows proportionally to the amount of time I’ve been away from running.

I’m trying to keep it all in perspective and keep looking for positives.  For instance, I was able to skip rope a few times this week with no pain and my weight appears to have gone down a bit as my skinny jeans fit comfortably again.

I’m glad it is run club tonight.  I find watching my group helps me shake off any of those icky feelings of frustration and turns them into pride, inspiration and joy.  In the meantime, I plan on simply hiding out in my cubicle the best I can and try to avoid undeservedly snarking at people because I am in a foul mood.  Hello headphones and online radio–you are going to be my besties this work day.

What do you do on days where you are clearly not your usual self?  How do you get rid of the grumps that doesn’t involve stress eating or *sigh* going for a run?

~Princess Lisa


10 thoughts on “Today = Grumpy

  1. Just go with it. Sometimes when you fight against the tide you just feel worse. I say accept it’s crappy for now and let’s see how it goes tomorrow or later tonight at run club.

    How did you dig TRX?

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