4 Weeks Excitement!

Auntie loves you!

In just 4 weeks – 2 days, I’ll be NYC-bound to visit this guy!  Oh yeah…and his mom and dad too, of course.  SO excited.  We were supposed to go visit last November, but the trip fell through due to other half’s work tyrants, so we just finally reschedule and I’m super pumped.  Besides toting around darling nephew KP, I’m also planning on:

  • seeing “Sleep No More,” an immersive, interactive modern version of MacBeth,
  • hitting up The Russian Tea Room,
  • seeing a musical…undecided as to which one yet,
  • going back to The Met – I didn’t get my fill last time!
  • going to Late Night With Seth Meyers, if I can be lucky enough to score tix,
  • …and taking a dance class?

I don’t know about the dance class though…I’m kind of chicken.  I haven’t been to any dance class in a few months, and I spend so much time right now training the “opposite” of my dance muscles – strength not flexibility, functional movement and not artistry – that I’m afraid of looking like a complete disaster.  But then part of me thinks “when in Rome….”  Anyway, to be determined.

The other exciting bit is that we’re doing 4 days in NYC and then hopping on the Amtrak train to go to Washington, D.C., which is completely new for me!  Anyone have any “must do” or “don’t waste your time” recommendations for activities, restaurants, monuments, tours, etc?  I’m totally flying blind on this one.

I’m also planning to fit in some running in both locations.  I love tourist running.  It’s a great way to get your bearings around a city, and cover a bit more ground and skyline than while walking.  Any great routes to suggest?  We’re staying in Midtown Manhattan in NYC and Embassy Row/Dupont Circle area in D.C.

Aaaaaand lastly,  if you check out our Pinterest, I’ve added a new board for NYC vacation clothing ideas.  I figure that, in the city of SATC and Fashion Week and all that, I should at least make an effort to be cute and a little trendy.  If you’ve got a great spot for fashion advice or a fav magazine or something, leave me a link for inspiration!

Princess Lindsey


11 thoughts on “4 Weeks Excitement!

  1. I believe I can definitely help you here.

    For musicals I’ve heard great things about kinky boots and pippin. Not sure if tix are avail but if not other options are at TKTS which sells discounted tix for a lot of shows. You can go there when it opens and there will be a line or be lazy and do as I do and show up 30 min before show time and grab what you can get. Also another source if you don’t want to wait like that. Go to http://www.broadwaybox.com for discounts too. TKTS also has a website so you’ll see what is available.

  2. More info:

    Sleep No More – my suggestion is when you enter, hold on to your friend’s hand and do not let go. I lost my friend and we ended up seeing different things. Each room has a different thing going on and you can basically play around with all the props. It’s a converted hotel and very random. But rest assured, you will all end up in the same room for the last scene.

    For running routes, Central Park is the one I usually go with. There are many different paths. The lower loop goes from Columbus Circle area (the entrance of Central Park) to 72nd St. Transverse and that’s about 1.7 miles. There is the reservoir loop which is 1.6 miles (where Charlotte liked to run and it’s entirely flat). Then there is the 4 mile loop which takes you from 72nd street transverse to the 103rd st transverse. Then if you’ve brave enough to run the whole thing…it’s 6.1 miles. Also be warned, it is a hilly route.

    A flatter one near you…go towards the Westside highway and go either uptown or downtown. It’ll take you as far as Battery Park City or as high as George Washington Bridge. Map it out and see what you desire.

    I’ve been to DC but not super familiar. Honestly, there are a lot of sights and museums (free!) to see. The Spy Museum always seemed neat but I’ve never been. You do have to pay though. Not sure about food.

    Sounds like a great trip. If you have other questions, feel free to hit me up!

    • You are such a wealth of knowledge!…As I knew you would be. 🙂 I was planning on the TKTS booth for the musical, as I don’t really care what we see. My bucket list includes Newsies, Cinderella, Kinky Boots, and Matilda for sure. Do they do tix for Sleep No More as well? Not that they are crazy expensive, but save gs are savings.

      Ever done The Russian Tea Room? Or is there another iconic restaurant you can recommend?

      I think running Central Park sounds great, and coming from Calgary I’m not afraid of hills, but my other half might be, so that’s good to know in case he tags along. I’m safe going by myself though right? I never felt unsafe last trip, but I was never alone either.

      Any ideas about kids activities? Nephew is 8 mos so I was thinking we could take him to FAO Schwartz, as we have never been and I figure it’s a great place to spoil him with those really noisy toys that parents love 🙂

      • Never been to Russian tea room but that’s a good one to go to. Blanking on iconic but if something springs to mind I’ll let ya know.

        I don’t think sleep no more tends to be on tkts.

        At a loss about kids. I know there is a merry go round and Alice in wonderland statues in Central Park but he seems too young to enjoy that. FAO is always fun though. I would not go to toys r us in Times Square as it’s insane but that’s another option if you dare.

      • Wow. You are gonna cram it all in.

        I honestly don’t find soul cycle that great. There are several spin class places. The place I go has a good spin class. It’s called pedal. I actually do TRX there and love it.

        Never heard of mega former but sounds neat. What is it?

      • I’m an early – ish riser but the other half doesn’t get moving too quickly, so I figure I might as well run or train in the mornings. SLT stands for strength, lengthen, tone and their Megaformer class uses equipment like a pilates reformer to do strength training…from what I can tell. Both the class and the instructors get really good reviews online and it’s 1 mile from our hotel, near Central Park.

      • Hey. So a list of tea places when you reach NYC. Podunk for British tea. Cash only. Cha an is my personal fave. Japanese tea house. Cash only. Press tea. More like an American coffee shop but only serves tea. And Alice’s Tea Cup is ok tea but adorable inside. The theme is…Alice in Wonderland.

  3. I spent every weekend over the summer in DC one year and LOVED it! So to make it quick, skip Georgetown, Pretty but boring. ALL the Smithsonians and the National Art Gallery are awesome. Eat, drink, and be merry in Old Ebbitt Grill on 15th Street. We used to hang out at the bar and met a character who said he was the official suit maker for every President since Johnson. According to the bartender, he was exactly that! If you like Asian food, hit up Asia None on 9 Street (no joke!). and for awesome family style Italian, make reservations at Carmine’s. You’ll end up rolling out of there, literally. Have fun! I can’t wait to go back!

    • Thanks for all the tips, especially on dining! My plan for museums and stuff so far includes the American History Museum, the Museum of Natural History, the Capitol Building, the Supreme Court, the Library of Congress, Air and Space Museum, and the Newseum. And that is so cool about the official suit-maker! I’ll have to track him down! 😉

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