Countdowns and Run Club Update


Thanks again to everyone for the supportive comments on my post yesterday.    They really helped me to find perspective and not to be so hard on myself.  Essentially, your kind words allowed me to check myself before I wrecked myself and for that I am extremely thankful. *hugs*

My Run Club last night was kind to me as well. They let me “coach” from a stationary bike next to the track, instead of right on the track, so that I could get in some semblance of a workout.  I was really appreciative relished the opportunity to get sweaty and move with them, rather than just standing idly by.

The run clubbers had a bit of a rough night last night though–they all felt heavy legged and tired during their run.  I reassured them that it was normal and that I was proud to see that they ran through it and got in their time today.  My goal for the new runners is to slowly increase the running and decrease the rest intervals.  My group still struggles with getting their three running (or run/walk) workouts a week and I’ve offered to meet them for runs (once I am better) or to just have a date with me, where they run and I “coach” from the sidelines.  So far, only one clubber has taken me up on it, but she too is injured so we ride the stationary bike together.  It’s been a blast if only because we talk/plan our 2015 Princess Half trip.

I have also set up a Facebook group for us and even asked what else they would like to see on the page for help, motivation, support, etc.  They wanted recipes, so I shared my healthy chili recipe. I also made a challenge for them–if all the members get in three run or run/walk workouts  in a week, then I will make them a chili lunch as a reward.  I have asked that they post when they are doing their workouts on the page so I can keep track.

Oh and one neat thing, one of the run clubbers actually calculated how many days til the 2015 Princess Half weekend–381!  It seems so far away and yet, I know it will go by in a flash.  Then we started chatting about other countdowns…like the first spring feeling day, our goal races….Fargo, Policeman Half, Toronto Yonge Street, our gym’s annual 5 and 10K.  Those are in the double digits of days!  Ack!  I sensed an excitement and unease among my group…but I reassured them that they would all be fine.  In saying that, I was also trying to reassure myself that I will be fine for my races. 🙂

Overall, it was an excellent night.  I’m so glad that the group is still working together and I hope they find their running groove really soon so that they can really start to see and feel the benefits of running!

Take care,

~Princess Lisa


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