Friday Five

It’s that special time again ladies and gentlemen.  It is FRIDAY!  YAY!

Here’s a random list of the five things I’m loving/lusting after right now…..ready?  Here we go!

canvas1. This coin purse from Kate Spade…and yes, $48 USD plus tax, shipping and for us Canadians, duty, is a LOT for a coin purse..but it’s so flipping cute, no?

2.  The newest Bad Lip Reading in the NFL video and just in time for the Super Bowl!  The first time I watched it, I laughed so hard I cried.  The only bummer is that Adrian Peterson, my favourite Viking next to Aleksander Skarsgaard, doesn’t make an appearance like he did last year.

3. Red Lips. Nothing better to brighten up a dull, frozen January day (the last January day in fact) than a bold, bright, glossy red lip!  Kisses for all! Mwa!  The colour in the photo is Brave Red with a touch of Russian Red lip glass over top.



Still. Love. This. Photo.

Still. Love. This. Photo.

4. Being able to run again.  It’s only been five minutes at a time…and a slow five minutes at that…but holy heck does it feel good to move…almost as good as I felt when this picture was taken!  Oh and sorry not sorry for using this photo for the umpteenth time.  It just makes me so darn happy every time I see it.

5. True Detective.  It’s now part of my Sunday night ritual.  This show is so good (so far anyway) and very creepy and features some occult style crime.  The fact that it has Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey, who are both rather good actors, definitely helps.  If you are faint of heart, however, you may wish to watch with the lights on!

What are you loving this week?  Let me know in the comments!

~Princess Lisa


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