So You Can’t Run Right Now….

So last night, I ran without ANY pain for the first time since January 14th!  It was only 5 minutes and it was slow, but it felt great.  Take that tweaked Achilles tendon!  And some ice, too!

So True.

So True. Source

It has been hard not being able to run thanks to this stupid, overuse injury. I was fortunate, however, that I had lots of things that helped keep me occupied and from losing my proverbial noodle while my Achilles healed up.  Wanna know what I did–check it out below:

1. I did lots of research…on my injury (and rehabbing it), races in and around me over the summer, speed work drills, workouts to do with my run club, things for the blog, even other cool blogs. Heck I even set up a Facebook group for them–to help motivate them and keep them excited about our runs and our eventual trip to the Princess and maybe Tink race weekends in 2015.  Technology has been a savior with this blip in my training.

2. I focused more on food prep and balanced meals.  I really tried to make sure that I was eating as healthfully and as mindfully as I could.  I was concerned about weight gain and losing fitness and I knew that not gaining weight would be crucial in my comeback.  I made sure my meals were balanced with veggies, good fats and protein…and with some smart carbs mixed in when I needed them.  If you want something tasty and balanced, try my chili recipe–so. Flipping. Good.

3. I moved in beneficial ways.  I did other things besides running.  I ran in deep water, I swam, I rode the stationary bike and I went to yoga.  I stretched, I iced, I heated.  Those things all help if only because you know that the more you do this, the quicker you get your sneakers back to the pavement.IMG_2667[1]

4.  I just enjoyed some “Princess Lisa” time.  Since there were days where it hurt to walk even a few steps, I just took advantage of that time to be lazy…to read…to watch movies…to sleep.  In that regard it was practically perfect timing given my awesome but exhausting trip to Ottawa and the Christmas holidays had done a number on my energy levels.

5.  I practiced a whole lot of gratitude.  When I felt myself getting frustrated or feeling down about my no-run situation, I would stop and re-frame the situation.  My inability to run right now is temporary.  Last year, I was dealing with cross fit related knee injuries and at one point it was suggested that I would have to stop running FOREVER.   And there are so many others who can’t run and will never experience the joys that I have experienced while running in their entire lives.  This all brought some much needed perspective to any frustrations I was experiencing over my achy Achilles.

How do you keep sane when you are riding the injury train?  Any tips to share?

~Princess Lisa


6 thoughts on “So You Can’t Run Right Now….

  1. We can be “not running thanks to friggin’ injuries” together! Circuit training, a plank challenge and now a squat challenge for February is keeping my brain slightly occupied. It doesn’t help though when everything I read (or want to read) about it somehow running related! Aaaaaggggghhhhhh!! 🙂

    • Those are great ideas! Though I have slacked this week, I really liked doing this 30/30/30 thing an old trainer of mine did in December. 30 body weight squats, 30 push ups and 30 crunches/sit ups for the month. It was great.

      I think if you reframed your outlook on reading all the running things. Make notes of them as things you want to do when you get back. Use them as tools to stoke your motivational fires so that, when you get back into the groove, you’ll be ready to truly kick arse and take some names.

  2. Ugh I completely understand how frustrating it can be to not be able to do what you love! I really appreciated how you included the importance of nutrition and gratitude in the healing process! The mental and nutritional aspects of healing are sometimes overlooked…great work!

    • Thanks so much! I think the reasons why I made sure to include the aspects of nutrition and gratitude is because I haven’t in the past. I used to be all or nothing and if I couldn’t run, I did nothing…and it impacted me very negatively with weight gain, decreased fitness and far less motivation. Running fast when you have lost some of your fitness is hard, but running fast when you have lost fitness, gained 10lbs and lost all of your motivation is even worse.

      • Sooooo true!! I kinda feel like our society has breed us into this “all or nothing” view…it’s sad really and I see it as a reason why many people fail at being healthy… they have this ultimate view that you have to be stick skinny, live at the gym and eat celery all day! But it truly is all about balance…eat dessert, take rests from working out, have some wine but stay balanced and consistent! 🙂

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