Weekly Workout Recap Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!

So week four is all about keeping my fitness and rehabbing my injury, based on my sports doc’s recommendations.

Jan 22:

  • Water running with a friend – 30 minutes
  • 30/30/30

Jan 23:

  • 45 minutes stationary bike
  • 30/30/30

Jan 24:

  • 45 minutes of stationary bike
  • 30/30/30

Jan 25:

  • 45 minutes of deep water running (800 metres)

Jan 26:

  • 45 minutes of stationary bike
  • 60 minutes of Hatha Yoga

Jan 27: Run Club!!!

  • 5 minutes of running 0.44 miles–ALMOST PAIN FREE!  YES!
  • 10 minutes of walking, coaching the Run Club–the coaching part has to burn a few calories, right?
  • icing, stretching and rehab exercises for my Achilles (yes, the pain is so minimal that I can do the prescribed exercises now).

Jan 28:

  • 45 minutes stationary bike
  • lots of icing thanks to stupid winter boots that messed with my Achilles today.  Ouch

Total Miles for the week: 0.44

Total Miles for the year: 55.15

High Moment of the Week: Running 5 minutes at run club

Goal for moving forward: (have two this week) get back into my 30/30/30 routine and attempt running again once boot related flare up calms down.

Do you have a goal for the week ahead?

~Princess Lisa


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