Getting Set for Superbowl Sunday!

football frosting

…Is anyone else out there as excited about Superbowl as I am?!  We’re “having people over” on Sunday (I’m hesitant to call it a

party…how many people does it take to make it a party?!) and I’m getting really into the planning process right about now.  How do I set up my chairs so that everyone can watch?  How much food do I need per person? Will people actually show up?!

Here’s the game plan:

– I’m fortunate enough to have a sectional in the living room, so we can separate all 4 pieces to make “extra” seating, and I’ll add some dining room chairs to fill in the gaps.
– We’re going to set up a second viewing area in the kitchen.  Unfortunately, no cable hookups in there.  Buuut…fortunately, we live in the age of all digital everything, and the game is streaming online 🙂   A laptop and a few computer screens should be able to handle this!  I’m actually thinking that we could set up one of these to play the real game…and one to play the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet 😀

– I’ve got to get to Costco tonight and start cooking!  I’m planning on serving boneless pork ribs (a secret family recipe), individual turkey lasagnas, spinach and ricotta raviolis, a make-your-own grilled cheese station (with variations like Classic, bologna & mozza, or crab & dijon), and the usual chips, veggies, and fruit.  In the dessert department, I’m going with a tried-and-true Toll House cookie (with chocolate, butterscotch, and peanut butter chips), as well as cupcakes.

So…am I making anyone hungry yet?! 😉  Any tips for serving, seating, planning, or hosting in general? I’m super excited but I don’t want to miss anything!!  And…goooo Seahawks!!

Princess Lindsey


5 thoughts on “Getting Set for Superbowl Sunday!

    • Of course we watch the Superbowl! After Superbowl Sunday, the gap between February and July when Canadian football starts again is a long and dark hell… Not so into the kitten bowl…just not a cat person. Someone from my hometown plays for the Seahawks, and it’s going to be the first time that anyone from our little province has ever played in the Superbowl! So exciting!

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