Monthly Check up: 2014 Goals and New Year’s Quasi Resolutions

So yeah…about four weeks ago…I put up some Quasi Resolutions for 2014.  Believe it or not, things are actually going pretty well on the whole thing.  I know…I am shocked, too.  My goals, on the other hand, well some are at a bit of a standstill thanks to my Achilles, but I’m not losing hope.  Not. At. All.

Quasi Resolution 1 was the “Ten Minute Tidy-Up.”  I haven’t been perfect, but I have  been able to walk into/around my bedroom without tripping over anything for a good 2.5 weeks.  I have also dusted/swept other parts in the house while waiting for other household chores to be finished (like laundry or while cooking dinner).  Oh and most importantly, I hang up for fold and put away clothes when I am done with them, rather than just tossing them aside.  Huge progress, if you ask me.

Quasi Resolution 2 was make my bed every morning.  This is one that I have killed–even on weekends.  My only bad days were when I was sick at the beginning of the month…and well, when you are in and out of bed so often in a day, there is no real need to make the bed, right? Right!

Quasi Resolution 3 was re-establish my post run rehab routine.  This has taken the lead in my life right now, no thanks to this whole tweaked Achilles thing.  Given that I’m not back to running yet (might still be another week), there will be lots more rehab stuff now and well into the future.

Quasi Resolution 4 was to deal with paperwork in one touch.  This one has been going well, too.  All my papers get popped into the recycling bin or into one of those plastic, accordion style file folder organizers once I open it.  I have never had such a clean kitchen table before.

Quasi Resolution 5 was to re-establish my meal prep habits.  I seem to have established a pretty good lunch and breakfast habit with this.  I have really simplified both meals rather considerably so it’s just a matter of chopping veggies…which I’m trying to incorporate into my dinner prep time.

And now for the 2014 goals in more depth.  I have done pretty well on numbers 9, 12, 14.  I am struggling with number 8 (Ottawa and not running has thrown my weight out of whack), and obviously number 1 (with my aforementioned injury).  I am hoping that in the coming months, some of the others will be closer to being accomplished or at the very least, on track to being accomplished. 🙂

How are you doing with your 2014 goals or New Year’s Resolutions?

~Princess Lisa


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