Water Running Anyone?

Thankfully, my friend Michelle H said yes and came with me to the pool and led me in an awesome deep water run workout.  It was only 30 minutes but it was a great 30 minutes.   Now that I know it won’t aggravate my tweaked Achilles (doctor’s words, not mine), I am completely down for doing longer workouts…even with the awkward looking, but necessary, floatation belts.

Oh and there are no pictures simply because we met up at the dodgy pool in Winnipeg and I left my phone at home for fear of it getting stolen.

We warmed up in the water by doing a few widths of toe touches–essentially it’s like doing high kicks to touch your toes while running, but in the water–it makes your hamstrings sing–but in a good way.  We did these periodically throughout our half hour workout.

We also did “sprints.”  This involved us pushing of the side a few feet, then immediately trying to run back in the wake you had just created from pushing off.  We did sets.  One with 3 reps, the next with 3 rounds of 5 reps and the final with 3 rounds of  7 reps.  We did eggbeater/treading water for active recovery between our reps.

We did a few basic water running laps as well as some more of those toe touches.  We also incorporated one Tabata flutter kick drill.  My friend tried to end it off with some water/abs workouts, but alas, my lack of coordination in the water meant me inhaling water rather than working out my abs, so we called it a day and warmed up a bit in the sauna.

The best part of this workout, however is that it didn’t seem to bother my tweaked Achilles.   For the past week, it has bothered me within my first few steps of getting out of bed.  Not today.  I was up and puttering around for almost 40 minutes without any notice of my Achilles. Even now, several hours after waking, the area feels tight but not painful.  Given that it felt like someone was hitting me with a hammer 48 hours ago (and pretty much every day before that), I feel like this is huge progress.

All in all, I think water running is pretty fun, despite how awkward it feels when one is getting started and the fact that you turn into an actual icicle while walking back to your car with wet hair (my hair was actually frozen solid in 90 seconds–impressive!).   Want some tips for water running?  Check out these links:

Water Running Technique Via YouTube

Water Running Technique

Water Running Workouts for 30/60/90 minutes

Much luv,

~Princess Lisa


8 thoughts on “Water Running Anyone?

    • As long as you can’t touch the ground, I would say yes. You just need to be in deep water and have a floatation belt. I would also make sure you run parallel to shore to avoid getting stranded in the middle of the lake (this is the old lifeguard in me).

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