Weekly Workout Recap Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!

So week three is not really happening. This Achilles situation is amazingly painful and it’s ruining my workouts big time.  I am going to try swimming and water running starting with week 4 in the hopes that it won’t aggravate things any further and my fitness will stay more or less intact.

Jan 15:

  • 0.29 miles- stopped due to extreme pain in my heel, even when walking
  • 30/30/30

Jan 16:

  • zero due to foot pain
  • 30/30/30

Jan 17:

  • zero due to foot pain
  • 30/30/30

Jan 18:

  • zero due to foot pain

Jan 19:

  • zero due to foot pain

Jan 20: Run Club!!!

  • 2.43 miles of run/walk
  • Lots of icing, alternating with some heat and stretching

Jan 21:

  • zero due to foot pain.
  • 30/30/30

Total Miles for the week: 2.72

Total Miles for the year: 54.72 (Which means my runDisney account is at almost $55 and I have 945.29 miles to hit my 1,000 mile goal)

High Moment of the Week: Totally not training related, but getting back home to normal surroundings, food and my bed.

Goal for moving forward: Combo deal of rehabbing this Achilles situation and doing alternate workouts so that I don’t lose my fitness.

Do you have a goal for the week ahead?

~Princess Lisa


6 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Recap Wednesday

    • Thanks Kimberley! I hope I am up and running again real soon! Glad to hear you like the dollar idea–it was really motivating me to run an extra few miles in the weeks past. I can’t wait to start seeing that account grow again! 🙂

    • Thanks Lovely! Apparently it’s nothing serious and will be better in 1-3 weeks, provided I don’t do anything foolish like run for the time being.

      I really oughta try some TRX. Everyone says it is so great….and kick boxing…last time I was in a class, I got punched in the face…lol. I blame my partner for closing her eyes when she would spar. lol

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