Injuries blow

My first steps out of bed gave me hope that this Achilles tendinitis thing wasn’t as bad as I had thought it was.  It didn’t hurt like it did the past week.  Usually by my third or fourth step of the morning, it really, really hurt.   Alas, it just took longer today.  I was up for maybe 35 minutes or so before the pain started.  Clearly I am NOT impressed by this at all.

Since it is so sore already, I am taking tonight off and I am going to spend my night stretching and icing in the hopes I can loosen up my calf muscle and decrease the inflammation of my poor Achilles.   On Wednesday, I plan on hitting the pool for some non-weight baring activity so that at the very least, my fitness won’t suffer any more than it has with having taken the last week off from activity.

I’m trying to look at this on the bright side, however.  Maybe this will end up sparking some additional motivation, once I am able to get back to normal activity like past injury related breaks have done?  In the meantime, I can use my fitness down time to get caught up on house work and maybe even my scrapbooking of past vacations from at least 7 years ago (7?!  How did time go that fast?).  Maybe I’ll finally go to see Frozen in the movie theatres…yes, I realize that it is messed up that I, as a a co-writer of a Disney Princess themed blog, has not yet seen Frozen, but I have an excuse–I have nobody to go with.

On that note, me and my achy Achilles are going to bid you adieu.  If you have any tips for helping to rehab Achilles tendonitis or not losing my mind while I am running/swimming over the next few weeks, just let me know in the comments!

~Princess Lisa



14 thoughts on “Injuries blow

  1. Sorry to hear you’re laid up but injury during the cold weather is more likely. It’s hard to stay in shape when it’s that cold out.

    But glad you’re looking on the bright side. Enjoy Frozen and get better soon!

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