Ask the Expert!


OK, so when it comes to where to eat at Disney World, how to dress like a princess, or which runDisney shirt you should buy (all of them, for the record!), I MAY be an expert.  But, an expert at running, training, and fitness – I am not.  So, as a special feature, I thought that we could bring you some wisdom straight from the source: MY go-to expert on all things healthy; my coach and mentor Aaron Lipsey, owner and guru of Calgary-based Aaron Lipsey Fitness and

I can (and do!) listen to Aaron talk for hours on end about how to get strong, how to keep your body healthy, and how to be an all-around better version of yourself.  I could bring him on to guest blog practically every day…but we may or may not get around to telling you what you want to know.  So…what DO you want to know?!!  If you – for free! – could consult an expert about your own personal fitness, what would you ask?  How to run faster? How to avoid injury? How to rehab your ___? How to be more efficient? How to build muscle? How get killer arms/legs/abs?  How to look good in your wedding dress/bikini/running tights?  What are your burning questions?!  Leave ’em for me in the comments, and we’ll get Aaron here to guest blog very soon with some photos and videos to help you train healthier, smarter, and become a better you! 🙂

Princess Lindsey


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