Foodie Friday: Dashing Dishes Meal Assembly Kitchen

Good morning!  I’m going to try something new for you starting this week – Foodie Friday!  Each week, I’ll bring you something from my recipe box or a product that helps make for quick, easy, and delicious eating!

We like to go to the gym right after work, so by the time I get home around 6:30, I am starving, the dogs are starving, we are all getting really hangry, and food needs to be quick!  So, I’m so happy that I latched on to our local Dashing Dishes, a meal assembly service.  You can sign up online to attend a session, and when you show up they outfit you in an apron and bandana, and it’s time to get to work!  They have stations set up all around the room and you move from station to station, putting meat, spices, and condiments into bags until you have a number of meals pre-prepped and ready for cooking or freezing.  I usually spend about 45 minutes at a session, and at the end of it all I get to take home about 16 meals! Amazeballs!

So, you must be thinking “Gee, this has got to be really expensive.  They do all the shopping, cleaning, slicing and dicing for me, and I just get to take home bags of food, ready to cook? There’s no way I can afford that.”  Think again!  In the Calgary area they offer 8 entrees for $188.  Being that there are only 2 of us, I break down these entrees into half portions, so I actually take away 16 bags of ready-to-cook food.  Each of those bags typically feeds both of us at dinner, with one leftover portion for somebody’s lunch, so really…the cost per meal for us breaks down to $3.91 per serving.  Pretty great, right?  All you have to do is add your own sides – some brown rice or a baked potato, and some frozen green peas or broccoli keep it inexpensive.

dashing dishesI can’t even decide what the best part of it all is, so here’s my Top 5 reasons to give it a try:

  • 1. The price. Using this service has helped me save a ton on groceries.
  • 2. The selection. Dashing Dishes changes their menu every month, so you aren’t stuck with the same-old same-old.
  • 3. It is SO easy. Most of the cooking only requires 15-20 minutes on the stovetop or in the oven, and the prep instructions are perfect. My chicken has never been overcooked or undercooked once, since following their directions!
  • 4. It’s healthy. Granted, these aren’t perfect clean eating meals. However, with options like chicken and veggie stir-fry, black bean quesedillas, and lemon ginger shrimp you CAN have a well-rounded meal. Plus, since you get to package the meals yourself if there’s an ingredient you REALLY aren’t crazy about, you can choose to just leave it out (I always leave out red or green peppers because my other half doesn’t like them!).
  • 5. The meals are crazy delicious!  We haven’t had one thing from there that wasn’t awesome.

Dashing Dishes is currently available in Calgary and Edmonton, but they are working on opening franchises in other Canadian cities as well.  And, have a look on Google for other meal assembly businesses in your area.  If you’re a busy mom, a girl like me who likes to keep her social calendar jam packed, or even a single person who just wants cooking to be easier, I promise you, you won’t regret using a service like this!

Princess Lindsey


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