Uh Oh!


so disappointed

Morning Everyone!

I’m blogging at what feels like an un-godly hour….but that’s only because I’m still not adjusted to Ottawa time.   Well, that and my planned run this morning was ruined.

Why was it ruined you ask?  Well, it appears that I might have an injury afoot.  And, ironically it’s in my foot.  Well, my heel/Achilles.  After some WebMD-ing, it would appear that I have Achilles Tendinitis beginning in my left foot.

Essentially I need to ice, engage in not weight bearing activity and stretch out my calves (apparently tight, tired calves as well as a large ramp up of mileage and speed can cause it).  I fear that I did this to myself as I have really upped my mileage last week and I didn’t stretch all that well after my last few runs.  #sigh.

Anyway, I need to start getting ready for work now.  Hope you all have a fabulous day!

~Princess Lisa

P.S.  Want a nice run?  Go running in Ottawa–not only do you get to check out the Parliament buildings, but you can also run in another province-Quebec is just across the Ottawa River.


me at Parliament Hill in Ottawa


Ran to Quebec just for the alternate view of Parliament


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