Part 1) I am very proud to say that I’m at day 4 of eating well.  But like, really well, for me.  Protein shakes for breakfast, chicken and veg for lunch, no after-dinner snacks, no junk food during the afternoon.  So, woohoo, right?!…

Part 2) Continuing with my workouts + eating more regularly + upping my protein and fibre intake = ramped up metabolism (good thing!) and MAKES … ME … STARVING!!!  I swear, I’ve basically eaten all of the food I brought for the day, and it’s not even lunchtime yet.  I might resort to eating my own arm this afternoon.  Ugh!!!

I’ve tried a lot of the “old standard” tricks to keep from constantly eating over the past few days – more water, drink tea instead of eating, chew gum, brush your teeth.  I even went so far as to wear my tooth whitening trays for like 3 hours on Monday night!  But nope, still starving.  So…

…what are your best protein-rich or low-cal, filling snacks?

…and what do you do to quiet the angry and demanding food monster?!!

Princess Lindsey


12 thoughts on “SO…HUNGRY!!!

  1. I completely feel your pain. If I’ve already eaten dinner and I still have the munchies, I try to stick with pickles or carrots or celery. I know its rabbit food but it usually does the trick for me!

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