90 Days Until The Yonge Street 10K


10K PR Pride Photo

Hey Guys!

I’m now 90 days away from my first attempt at breaking the sub 50 minute mark for the 10K distance.  As you can tell from the photo I was a very proud woman that day–it was my third PR in about 6 weeks at this distance, and said PR happened in Disneyland, in the midst of a heatwave no less.  My time for the Disneyland 10k was exactly 50:00 on the dot.  So, so close to a sub 50 minute 10K.

Now, the Yonge Street 10K takes place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  The race is known as one of the  easiest ad fastest 10Ks in Canada.  Why do the make that claim, you ask?  It’s due to slight downhill grade for the ENTIRE race.  This is definitely going to be helpful when it comes to attempting my PR.

I’m hoping to break my PR somewhat significantly.  In other words,  I don’t want my clock time to be 49:59, if I can help it. Ideally I’d like to shave off one to two minutes.  I am being slightly conservative only because I don’t know the layout of the race, nor do I know what the crowds will be like.  There is usually around 7,000 runners in this race and I’m not sure how much I will be able to get around folks at the start.  I’m also unsure about what a constant downhill will feel like–will it tire out my legs?  Will I just be flying?

As I’m training for a PR in Fargo, I’m not “training” for this race.  I’m hoping that doing my two planned 6-7 mile tempo runs will serve as good enough practice for this distance.  I might make them both 7 mile runs so that the 10K distance feels easy.  Especially since I tend to get really tired between mile 5-6….like ridiculously tired.  I might even try bumping up my speed during that mile just to get trained to run harder during said mile.  If anyone has any advice, let me know!

Needless to say, I’m very excited and nervous for this race–it’s the first proper race of my race season and the Fargo Half is only a month later.  Plus, I will be in Toronto, visiting friends–one of which will be running this race, too, which just makes running this race, whether I PR or not, even better. 🙂

Run Happy Everyone!

~Princess Lisa


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