Moolah for Miles – The Road to RunDisney in 2015

Happy Weekend Everyone!

As this post makes it’s way around the interwebs, there will be thousands of people completing their final race in the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend.  Hope you Dopey and Goofy Challengers are feeling a-ok after such a long haul over the past few days. 🙂 Congratulations to everyone for finishing your races–no matter what distances you completed–wear your medals proudly!

Both Lindsey and I are hoping to get our butts back to Disney in 2015 after a year away from all the fun and pixie dust.  We are not 110% sure which races we will run, be we are definitely planning an appearance or two and it will likely include at least one of the challenges be it GSC or DDD…maybe both? lol.

Responsible #runDisney saving!

Responsible #runDisney saving!

The problem is that these races are not cheap. DDD has shot up to $320 this year.  We predict the same for the GSC.  Then there are the flights (which are extra expensive when flying from Canada), hotels, theme park tickets, etc….oh and we don’t even want to think about the Expo.  Lisa spent $400 at the Dumbo Double Dare expo at the Disney merch tent alone.

In an effort to slowly, but surely, put away our dollars towards these fun races, we are going to start paying ourselves $1 per mile in an effort to save up enough to pay for, at the very least, our registration costs of the races. The added bonus of this is that the more consistently we train, the fitter we get and  the more money goes into that savings pot for the trips!  It’s win-win!

How do you save up your race-cations?  Do you have a strategy that works and would like to share?

~The Princess Runners (Lisa and Lindsey)


3 thoughts on “Moolah for Miles – The Road to RunDisney in 2015

  1. I love your idea for how to save up for races! I’m running GSC next month and the cost of the race plus travel expenses really add up. I’d love to do a runDisney event in 2015 so maybe I’ll use your saving plan to help get me there.

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