Run Club: First Meeting

Holy Moly!

We had our first meeting last night – I think it went pretty well. We were missing a few people, but I think it was for the best as it allowed me to focus some time on the beginner runners.  Sadly, one of the beginner runners has a really severe case of Plantar Fasciitis so she is only able to partially participate–which bums me out as she has very a specific goal of running the Tinkerbell Half Marathon.

I gave my peeps a handout–Run Club Beginner Plan.  It’s essentially some tips on learning to run, some ideas as to how to break up  run/walk intervals, if they want that much structure.  It also includes some basic tips that will make their running life a bit easier.  The ultimate goal for the newbie runners is to build their base to 40 minutes of continuous running.

After our 40 minute workout session, we did some stretches and talked about foam rolling and other fun running “rehab” ideas.

In future run clubs, I hope to offer some speed workout ideas for the more intermediate/advanced runners as well as some easy strength training routines.  If anyone has any advice or ideas, please let me know.  I have never led a group before so I’m always open to advice and ideas.

Run Happy Everyone!

~Princess Lisa


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