Race Recap: 2014 Resolution Run

Woo!  My first race recap of the year–though, technically, this was just a “run” not a race.

The Resolution Run is one pretty much every year in larger cities across Canada.  It is put on in a joint venture from Brita and The Running Room.  There is no finisher medal or official finish time.  You do get a bib, but I think that is so they no you are part of the run and not an outsider.

The big draw of this race, aside from bragging rights of running in arctic temperatures (well, in Winnipeg at least), is the jacket you get with registration.  When I ran this run several years ago, the jacket was a not too attractive, oddly sized fluorescent yellow.  This year, they improved it greatly, providing a stylish red and black jacket. My only complain is the massive Brita logo on the sleeve.  I understand the whole thing with sponsors and stuff, but it just really sticks out and takes away from the jacket a bit.  You can see the hint of it in the picture below.


2014 Resolution Run Jacket

Picking up the race kit was easy and convenient as they had opportunities to pick up the kits at several locations over several days. I really appreciated not having to drive across the city to pick up the kits like I have in the past and only had to drive to my local Running Room.

Now onto race day….man was it cold–apparently it was colder than Mars…if you can believe it.  The race was at the YM-YWCA on West Portage Avenue and the course essentially roamed through the residential area.  The route was actually quite pleasant, but the road conditions weren’t great.  They were icy and filled with icy ruts.  On more than a few occasions my friend M and I lost our footing and nearly fell.  I don’t know what the run organizers could’ve done to fix this aside from harassing the local officials to properly plow and sand the roads.

After the run, everyone hung out in the gym space at the Y.  The snacks were some coffee, water, fruit as well as fresh baked, whole wheat cinnamon rolls from a local bakery called Tall Grass Prairie–and it was amazing.  I also treated myself and my friends (some of whom aren’t pictured) to some pink champers to warm up after the race.  The only complaint about that gym was it was freezing.  Not only was it drafty due to finishers coming in, but the cold that was emanating from them…brr!  I was glad to get into my relatively warm car to go home.

I have been told about another winter race coming up in a few weeks–and it would be an automatic PR as it’s a 5 mile race and I have never run a 5 miler before.  Given how relatively pleasant this run was, I am VERY tempted to give it a whirl.  I also can see myself participating in this race again, if only to have bragging rights and some well deserved champagne with friends. 🙂

Happy 2014 and Safe Running!! 🙂

~Princess Lisa


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