Friday Five: Quasi Resolutions

My mixed up week continues.  It’s Friday today.  Feels like a particularly exhausting Tuesday, which makes me even happier that it is Friday.

I haven’t really made any resolutions this year.  Mostly because in the past, I haven’t stuck to them.  I’ve decided to take a stab at a handful of quasi resolutions for 2014.  I have categorized them as “quasi” simply because they are all related to achieving my 2014 goals and not just a random attempt at self-discipline.

Does that make sense?  Probably not…likely because it’s a Friday after almost two weeks of holiday craziness, that feels like a Tuesday…and I’m still slightly sleep deprived and I’m definitely cold (I am wearing my office blanket–and no this isn’t a joke).  Either way, below are my Five Quasi Resolutions for 2014.

1. Ten Minute Tidy – Up:  When I was a kid–I was crazy neat and tidy.  Somewhere in my late teens/early 20s, that changed and I became sloppy.  I’ve made attempts in the past to clean every Sunday morning or spend my evening getting tidied up, but it has never worked.  I have a lot of trouble spending hours cleaning unless it’s a lovely spring cleaning sort of day.   Maybe I need to hire out Princess Lindsey to help me minimize and organize…but I digress.

This is a solution that has been working for the past week (yes I started shortly after Christmas).  I promise myself 10 minutes.  If I want to keep going after that, I do.  If I don’t, then I stop immediately.  So far, it’s going gang busters.  I can actually walk into my bedroom without tripping over things.  I am even going so far as to set up a few 10 minute playlists on my phone for added incentive.

2. Make my bed every morning (sort of an extension of above): I have always been one of those “why make my bed when I’m just going to sleep in it again types.”  I’m trying to make it as soon as I get up now and then lay out what I plan on wearing that day so that everything is ready to go when I’m done eating breakfast.  This one will be a struggle…but here’s hoping it works.

3. Re-establish my post run rehab/stretching/rolling again: When I was training for the Dumbo Double Dare, I was a post run rehab boy scout.  Almost every run I completed included some sort of stretching/rolling/icing or compression.  Then, well, life got crazy in the fall and I was lucky to squeeze in a run, never mind anything extra.  I feel the difference every morning–my muscles are tighter, tense from being so cold, and more fatigued, which leads me to worry about potential for injuries.  I did a short sweet version last night after doing some mile repeats and hope to engage in a longer session this evening.

4. Deal with paper work in one touch: I am horrible for dealing with paperwork–be it receipts, bills, tax information, wedding replies (oops!  that reminds me…).  It all tends to go into a pile, and then an old shopping bag when I need to tidy up quickly…and then, well, I can’t find whatever I am looking for.  To combat these bad habits, I have recently purchased a 12 pocket accordion folder thing that I am keeping at my kitchen table (where I tend to look at my mail) so I have no excuse to not file important stuff and toss the rest.

5. Re-establish my meal prep habits: Much like my post run rehab habits, my meal prep habits have gone out the window since autumn craziness kicked in.  My hope is to re-establish my basic food prep habits and, if all goes well with that, then I will try and mix in some new recipes and advanced meal planning for the challenge of it…but again, basic meal prep is the main goal right now-taking it all one step at a time. 🙂

Do you have any new resolutions?  Any habits you’d like to re-establish? Any tips for getting these things done? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Friday!

~Princess Lisa


11 thoughts on “Friday Five: Quasi Resolutions

  1. I don’t make resolutions either as I like to keep my options open. I find I’m always super short on time in the mornings so I try to do as much prep for the week on the Sunday before work starts or the evening before. It’s become habit now as I find I’m way less stressed in the mornings and actually can sleep in for 10-15 minutes longer as a result.

    • The prep is huge. I was so diligent in the summer with my meal prep. Breakfast, lunches and parts of dinners will all made in advance…but now..oy…it’s just a scramble for every single meal. It’s no fun. I also want to eventually try doing one cook day and getting a few meals out of it…I tend to cook every day instead and it’s annoying. lol.

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