New Project for 2014: Run Club

So I’m sorta excited.

I’m starting a run club with some women from my gym.  Everyone is at very different stages but the end goal is all the same–participation in the 2015 Princess Half Marathon weekend!!!  Different members will be pursuing different goals–some will do the Glass Slipper Challenge, some will just do the half and others will do the 10K or the 5K.  There may be even a few Coast to Coast Challengers in there! At the end of the day, the goal of the club is just to be accountable to each other to show up and move, working up to running for an entire hour in preparation for the Princess weekend.

Our first meeting is set for Monday, January 6th.  I am going to put together some running tips and after assessing where everyone is at, I am hoping to give people a plan to build up to their goal.

I’ll keep you all posted on the club, the progress, etc.  If anyone has any advice, please just let me know in the comments–as I have never lead a running group before and I want to do it right!

~Princess Lisa


18 thoughts on “New Project for 2014: Run Club

  1. OMG. That’s fab. I run w a lady group too and it’s just really inspiring and motivating and also less boring to be w other people.

    My tip which is what my club does…pick routes and do two groups. The short and long run then meet after at a spot. Maybe incorporate speed stuff later.

    Great idea and good luck!

  2. Congrats! Sounds like a GREAT goal. I’d like to send you something to encourage you and them. If you feel comfotable sending me an address, I’ll send it out tomorrow! Either way work hard! You ladies all have what it takes! Being accountable to eachother will give you the extra push you need on those days that are a little tougher to get motivated! You got this!!

  3. What an awesome thing to do! If time, you guys, ladies I mean, should go out for eats afterwards, not after every run, but once in a while. I ran with a group a few years back and after our weekend runs we’d go for breakfast, it was lots of fun. I’m totally food motivated though.

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