Gratitude Challenge: December 22

The last week of the year….well,  a few days short.  This is truly the time that gratitude I everywhere.  I know I a feeling it.

Sunday: 12/22/2013

1. Hosted my girl cousins on my dad’s side of my family for brunch this morning.  It was truly a lovely morning and it made me appreciate my family and realize that I really need to put more effort in spending time with them.

2. I was able to replace my Garmin Footpod battery without any trouble(which never happens)–was very appreciative of that.  Though I wish it wouldn’t have died mid-way through my run. lol.

3. I had myself an epic, post run nap.  I couldn’t feel better right now. 🙂

Monday: 12/23/2013

1. I had a most lovely afternoon with one of my best friends and her daughter.  Love my adopt-a-niece so much.

2. Took it easy at the gym today–my legs have been so tight all day that when I started to run, it felt like they were going to seize up.  I blame this on the wickedly cold temperatures–they cause you to tense up your body something fierce and it’s really done a doozey on my body today.

3. I ate a jalapeno cheddar grilled cheese for lupper.  It was brilliant.  I must find a way to eat more grilled cheeses–so easy and so tasty.

Tuesday: 12/24/2013

1. It’s Christmas–Merry Holiday to everyone!

2. Survived a snippit of last minute shopping with my dad.  The malls were dead (relatively).

3. I had a great time with my family this evening.  Makes me wish that we got to see each other more than once a year.

Wednesday: 12/25/2013

1. My mom and I didn’t kill each other.  This is HUGE.  Even when she started the entire afternoon off by asking me how much I weighed, how much I lost and pressuring me to eat because I looked “too thin.”

2. The meal I had catered for my grandma’s house was amazing.  So happy and relieved that it worked out and kept my grandma’s sanity.

3. I continued a great new tradition with my aunt of going to the movies–we saw Wolf of Wall Street–super good, btw.

Thursday: 12/26/2013

1. I slept in until 9:15am.

2. My favourite Under Armour Sports Bras are 40% off at Sport Chek.  SO stocking up on a few as mine will soon be on their last legs.

3. I’m back to normal eating.   This last week has been an eating bonanza and it’s finally, more or less, over.  Time to get back to fitness as the Fargo Half isn’t going to run itself! 🙂

Friday: 12/27/2013

1. I survived a first date-ish thing with a guy that my matchmaker recommended. I have mixed feelings about him so we are planning on going out again on Monday on a proper date.

2. The weather today was above freezing. It was amazing to leave the house in a normal coat and not my Canada Goose Down jacket.

3. I have the financial means to get myself running gear when I need/want it. I bought myself fleece lined tights and wind breaker pants today. They are amazing–especially the tights!

Saturday: 12/28/2013

1. I spent eight glorious hours with two dear friends at the spa and then at post spa nibbles. Feel amazing and have pretty toes right now!

2. I did nothing post spa. I didn’t sleep at all on Friday night thanks to a piece of metal from my roof that was blowing around and making noise, so I slept all night from the moment I got home from the spa until Sunday morning.

3. I had half a glass of champagne at the spa and didn’t get a migraine! Yay!

Hope you had a great week, too!


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