Gratitude Challenge: December 15

Two weeks left of the year and with every passing day, I am reminded of how much their is to be thankful for in my life.

Sunday: 12/15/2013

1. I had a weird day today–I was surprisingly productive (groceries at 8am, ran 10K, cleaned, put up my dad’s Christmas tree, prepped my sugar cookie dough for baking tomorrow), yet as I was doing all of these activities, I could barely keep my eyes open.  Why is this on my gratitude list, you ask?  Simply because it shows what you can do when you put your mind to it…and it also gets me excited for my 13 days off, starting Friday.

2. Oh and that 10K I ran, I ran it decently fast–an 8:14 pace.  Not my DDD paces, but still respectable after several weeks off.  I am so thankful that my legs are coming back.  This gets me very excited for Fargo.

3. Facetime.  I got to have a phone date with my friend in Australia,  It technically started last night, but ended shortly after midnight on Sunday. I got to see my darling niece through the phone and I’m truly in LOVE.

Monday: 12/16/2013

1. It’s mildly warmer out this morning. We are experiencing a very brief warm up in the ‘Peg…so this means that I only, partially, wanted to hibernate today.

2. I woke up on the complete wrong side of the bed this morning.  Something I was looking forward to may not happen now and I felt ridiculously tired, almost asleep on my feet, the last two days…all of which made me a massive grumpster today.  I’m grateful that I don’t wake up feeling like this most days.

3. It was my last Monday at work for 2013.

Tuesday: 12/17/2013

1. Work forced me and my colleagues to go for Microsoft Windows 8/Surface Tablet training yesterday.  I am grateful I made it through the day without falling asleep as 99.8% of this course was stuff that I already know.

2. First couple of steps of my baking project have turned out well…here’s hoping the next few steps go okay, too.

3.  My cool Fair Isle/Skull sweater from the Boys section in Old Navy came today.  #Sorrynotsorry for wearing this bad ass kids cardigan–especially since it was on sale for less than $20.

Wednesday: 12/18/2013

1. Ran 5 miles at the gym at a 7:58 min/mile pace–my legs are totally coming back!  Colour me excited!

2. I have a clean desk at work for the first time in weeks and weeks and weeks.  It’s amazing.

3. I finished the next step of my cookies–hand cramps and all. lol

Thursday: 12/19/2013

1. Last. Day. Of. Work. For. 2013.

2. Got to enjoy a childhood tradition with a friend–the best part about knowing someone since you were 10 years old.

3. Had delicious “red velvet cupcake” wine with the aforementioned friend.

Friday: 12/20/2013

1. Dad’s Christmas gift–aka the cable install was a success in terms if installation and enjoyment of the gift.

2. My cookies are done!


3. Forced myself to do a slow and easy 5 miles tonight.

Saturday: 12/21/2013

1. I have pretty hair! Pretty Ginger hair.

2. I had a delicious dinner with a lovely friend from out of town.

3.  I am grateful for dish soap–it has saved my butt by removing stains for me a number of times in the past and it didn’t let me down today–when I went for a run, post hair dye…which caused hair dye infused sweat stains down the front and back of my Dumbo Double Dare T-shirt! ACK!  I almost cried.  Very grateful that dish soap saved the day.

Hope you had a great week, too!

~Princess Lisa




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