Friday Five

Hello Lovelies!

I am celebrating my first day of winter vacation, drinking a hint of bailey’s in my morning coffee and just enjoying a few leisurely moments until I get back to doing this crazy project:


I am sorta having one of those, why did I do this moments, but I am sure all will be forgotten when the final product is complete. Sorta like women forgetting the pain of childbirth or runners who keep running races despite the fact that the training and racing is hard. Lol.

Today’s Friday Five is simply a quick view of my five favourite photos on my iPhone this year. Easy Peasy–and these are in no particular order.

1. My beautiful chocolate croissants! Made from scratch. Blows my mind that I made them.


2. Me and my Grampy. Love. No explanation needed.


3. Post Disneyland 10K PR selfie. Really this is a symbol for both my Disney runs this year. The high (Dumbo Double Dare) and low (Princess Half) of my running career.


4. Bloggy friends running together! Happiness in 3.1 miles!


5. Screen shot of my niece in Australia being adorable and me looking like a goober! Absolute picture perfection. Thank you Apple for the free face time and the opportunity to capture moments like these!


Happy Friday Ya’ll!

~Princess Lisa


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