Frayed Nerves and Ends

Allo Loverlies! Happy Hump Day!

And…might I say, that I’m so glad that it is hump day–mostly because it is my second to last work day of the year.

It’s a good thing, too.  I couldn’t sleep last night because I was thinking about the cookies I am making (yes, I know I am nuts). I am just really excited to see how they will turn out–especially when the first two stages of decorating seem to have turned out rather well–especially the free drawing part (initially I thought it was horrible, but looking at the cookies this morning has changed my opinion to being “pretty good” for a free hand amateur job).

Step 1: draw the reindeer antlers and ears

Step 1: draw the reindeer antlers and ears

Step 2: Paint the Inner ear

Step 2: Paint the Inner ear

Tonight I will do the brown parts of the reindeer so it can dry over night.  Thursday I will paint on the eyes, nose, mouth and gold dust onto the antlers.  Friday I will add the “snow.”

I have to do other baking, on top of this, but I still feel like I’m going to be ok for time. I’m more frazzled about my dad’s early Christmas gift (upgrading his HD cable box so that he gets ALL of the channels he pays for) and whether or not the installation will go smoothly and that my dad won’t flip about getting said gift.

The first time I saw my stylist in April 2011

The first time I saw my stylist in April 2011

I’m also feeling kinda frazzled about my hair.  I’ve been growing it out, with very regular trips for trims, for almost three years (it got destroyed in the ocean and sun of Australia during my friend’s wedding so I had to dye it dark and cut it all off).  My hair is decently long and surprisingly healthy–except for my ends–it’s the last bit of “unhealthy” hair on my head and it feels like straw and looks horrible. As such, I have the most massive urge to lob off the last few inches of my hair.

I realize that my hair shouldn’t be something I get stressed about (hello, I know this is totally a first world problem)…especially since I tend to let my wonderful, award winning stylist do whatever the hell he pleases to my head….but I just feel like cutting a few inches off would be equally wonderful and annoying.  Wonderful because I would hope

Mostly make up free with frayed ends

Me this morning–mostly make up free with frayed ends

it would get rid of most of the crispy,frayed ends and it’s kinda trendy right now… but not so great for the goal of having long hair.

Also, I”m so used to having my hair tied up in a massive, tight bun for running–what is going to happen if my lobbing off those pesky inches ruins my running hair top knot? lol.  Btw–my love of running is the reason why my stylist won’t let me get bangs–good egg he is. 😉

Anyway, I should probably jet–I have lots to do and only 1.5 days left to do it (tomorrow is all meetings in the first 3/4 of my day and the last 1/4 is a late holiday lunch with my co-workers).

Happy Hump Day!

~Princess Lisa


6 thoughts on “Frayed Nerves and Ends

  1. So funny but I’ve been growing my hair out too!

    I find that you should see your hair person every 6 weeks although I haven’t been. Too busy growing hair out. BUT sometimes when you cut the hair, you end up letting it grow faster cuz it’s healthier. Do you curl your hair? Or blow dry it?

    Also I’d recommend hair oil. Been using something from Annika (smells good) and Macademia Nut Oil (there’s a green label brand – too lazy to look). Seems to work. And maybe use a heavier conditioner once a week. Do you watch your hair every day?

    I don’t think it’s a bad thing to chop off the dead ends cuz they’re not fun to have and if it bothers you, go with it. You can always grow more.

    And very excited for this cookie project. I wanna see the end result!

    • #longhairdontcare

      I used to be quite vigilant on the 6-8 week hair appointment thing. It was my hair stylist who told me to cut it down and come back in a few months so my hair could “really grow.” I did just that, but as it got longer and less shapely, I used my flat iron a bit more (normally I don’t use hot tools or hair dryers unless I’m going out or in a pinch) and I think that my already destroyed ends paid even more of a price for it.

      I use an oil product…it’s not a fancy brand or anything and it’s a mixture of different oils. And I try to do a coconut oil mask every few weeks and/or when I go swimming. I’ve also been using some of my straightening/glossy products over the past few weeks–partially because they dry winter is making me frizzy and partially because I’m a product junkie and have way to many partially used bottles of concoctions.

      I don’t wash my hair everyday. In fact, I try and make it 3-4 days without washing, if I can (thank goodness for dry shampoo) and it has made a world of difference in my hair.

      As for the cookie project–it progresses….my antlers didn’t cooperate all that well…have a few that look funny because of unnoticed air bubbles that have popped, but whatever. I’m not doing this professionally. lol.

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