Gratitude Challenge: December 8

So close to the end of the year…and feeling more grateful for the people in my life than ever.

Sunday: 12/08/2013

1. Cleaned out three dresser drawers and purged enough stuff to actually make 1.5 of those drawers completely empty.  Now I have a place for stationary (before it was shoved into shelves, Tetris style), and for my swimming gear (which was just haphazardly stuffed into already full drawers.

2. Made it to the gym–three days in a row.  Woot!  Ran four miles on an incline and didn’t feel like death.

3. Finished my putting up my Christmas Tree.

Monday: 12/09/2013

1. Signed up for the 5K Resolution Run and will be running it with some friends (thank goodness).  I’m afraid I am going to freeze as most New Year’s Days in Winnipeg are in the -40 territory (btw -40 in Celsius is the same in Fahrenheit). *gulp*

2. My skinny jeans still fit.  After taking an unplanned 5 day fitness hiatus last week while in Edmonton and eating like there was no tomorrow, I’m shocked and grateful that my jeans still fit…if only they were comfortable. 😉

3. A bloggy friend from my old, personal blog messaged me out of the blue to check in and see if I was still around/alive.   Was such a touching thing–it actually brought tears to my eyes.  Nice to know that there is still a whole lot of kind, wonderful people in this world.   Btw – check out her blog – she’s an American Ex-pat living in Sweden with her Swedish Husband–so much fun to read her adventures overseas!

Tuesday: 12/10/2013

1. I made an unexpected simple and delicious dinner.  I am so shocked that I can barely believe it.  I even deglazed a pan to make a sauce.  #colormeimpresssed

2. I didn’t let a rough start to my morning impact the rest of the day.  In the past, I most certainly would have.  This time, I chose not to let an annoying thing determine the rest of my day and it was pretty great.  Needless to say, that felt pretty damn good 🙂

3. I received a really nice text message from an old friend tonight.  It really made me day even better.

Wednesday: 12/11/2013

1. Came to work to find an email from this smokin’ hot guy I met in Edmonton last week–asking to meet up for coffee or something the next time I am in town. Regardless of the fact that this will probably go nowhere, it’s still a thrill to be asked.

2. I received a fresh physical, mental and emotional butt kicking from Linsdsay Hamel and I feel great.  Thanks for that Lindsay–I can barely left my arms and it’s only been a few hours and I feel so ready to take on any new challenge life plans on throwing at me.

3.   I’m hosting a cousin’s brunch with all of the female cousins from my dad’s side of the family in about 10 days.  Will be kind of fun to have everyone there.  On the menu–lemon ricotta hotcakes with fresh berries, toast and jam and coffee and tea.

Thursday: 12/12/13

1. I ran five miles at an average pace of 8:04.  My speedy legs are coming back.  Look out Fargo–I’m coming for a new PR.

2. My late night cupcake baking appears to have gone well–I say appears as it’s a new recipe and all I have tasted is the cake batter.  This afternoon I will be frosting them and taking them to their intended festive gathering.

3. I watched…er…recited How the Grinch Stole Christmas, while baking those aforementioned cupcakes for the first time this year.

Friday: 13/12/13

1. My cupcakes were a huge success!


Dark Chocolate Cupcake with Dark Chocolate frosting

2. My dear friend C gave me some Rum Balls–which I ate for dinner…and no, I am not joking.  #Yum!


3.Had a fab time at the party  that I made the cupcakes for.  Must find a way to go to more parties.  🙂

Saturday: 12/14/2013

1. Ran holiday errands at mid-day and encountered absolutely no drama. Colour me thrilled….and grateful.

2. Face-time date with my favourite Australian…and favourite Australian baby. I am in love with said baby.

3. Holiday tea and a visit with my Grams and Gramps.  Also got my grandma’s meatballs and gravy recipe.

Hope you have found a lot to be grateful for this week, too.  🙂

~Princess Lisa


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