November Stridebox Review

Stridebox is a fun subscription service that delivers a box of trial-sized running goodies straight to your door once a month for $15 (or $20, including shipping to Canada).  Both Prairie Princesses have paid subscriptions to Stridebox.

The Good

  • Smarty Pants Gummie Vitamins (2 pouches)IMG_2389[1]
    • Princess Lindsey: I thought these were really tasty, and definitely something I could look forward to taking daily.  Maybe I wouldn’t have to try to hard to remember to take my vitamins!  However,  I have tried to source them in Canada, and it’s pretty much a no-go unless we want to pay shipping and duty from the US.
    • Princess Lisa: Though more citrus-y flavoured than I would like, I thought these were great–also liked that it had omega 3s and Vitamin D, which are things my doctor recommended I take as additional supplements.  Also dug the fact that it felt like I was eating candy.
  • Joshua Tree Lip Balm (Gingerbread scented) and SalveIMG_2390[1]
    • Princess Lindsey: 
    • Princess Lisa:  Love these both.  The Gingerbread Lip Balm isn’t too overpowering.  I wore it for a five mile run and the smell was pleasant and managed to make the smelly man next almost unnoticeable.  The salve was rather nice too–and was surprisingly non-greasy for a salve (note–salves are always going to be a bit greasy).
  • Energems – Peanut Butter Blast FlavourIMG_2387[1]
    • Princess Lindsey: I tried these instead of a latte a few days, and I didn’t notice a real boost, but not a big dive or jitters either, and they didn’t taste like chalk, so thumbs up!
    • Princess Lisa: Tried these on a few days when I was horribly sleep deprived.  I didn’t notice any real change in energy, but they were tasty enough–sorta like larger, peanut butter M&Ms.

The Bad

  • Stridebox “Keep Calm, Run On” Sticker
    • Princess Lindsey: I’ll agree with Princess Lisa below.  Again, I stuck this on my phone case, but a few weeks later it’s fading to the point of being unreadable.
    • Princess Lisa: Love the stickers, hate their lack of durability
  • Epic Turkey Almond Cranberry BarIMG_2384[1]
    • Princess Lindsey: I didn’t try this yet, and given Lisa’s review, I’m not sure that I want to…
    • Princess Lisa: Gross.  It was so salty and the texture was weird–sorta like dry, flaked tuna. Admittedly I don’t think I came across the almond or cranberry as my first bite made me gag–which is a disappointment as I thought the idea was interesting.

The Unknown

  • CardioStrong Fitness BeverageIMG_2386[1]


  • Kay’s Natural’s Protein Cereal – Honey Almond Flavour



This product is untested by either Princess so far.

Are you a Stridebox subscriber?  What did you think of the September box?  Let us know in the comments!

* Disclaimer: The purpose of Prairie Princess Runners product reviews is to provide information based on real- life use of fitness products in order to inform readers and help them make shopping decisions. The product reviews in this blog are based on our own opinions and experiences.  Unless otherwise stated, all reviewed items have been purchased for our personal use. 


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