Friday Five: Holiday Season

Allo Lovelies!  Happy Friday!

It’s been a long, busy week for me, playing catch up with life, work and seemingly everything else, but now it’s pretty much the weekend and it is also my fifth last day of work before the holidays.  I week from now I’ll be at home, chillaxin…er, well, no….I won’t be chillaxin–I will be baking pies, cookies and probably a whole lot more…but I won’t be at work–which is the key.

Today’s Friday Five is going to be focused on what I am most looking forward to this Holiday Season. I mean, there is always a lot, but there are some things that just top them all.

1. My holiday hair appointment.  I always try to schedule a hair appointment just before Christmas and this year is no different.  It gives one a nice chance to breathe among the chaos and I always leave my appointments looking fabulous.  Plus, in years past, I have used my hair dresser as a barometer for my baked goods selections–what do I serve, not serve at parties…except for last year–when we had a gingerbread cookie contest.  I won with these:

Contest Winning Cookies

Contest Winning Cookies

2. My grandma’s cabbage rolls.  As my grandma has gotten older, she has shifted to an easier version of Christmas dinner–made from mixes and such instead of scratch–which is fine by me.  This one, Ukrainian dish (also known as holopchi…not sure how to spell it..and yes, I could Google it, but I don’t feel like it), however, she has not make from mixes or purchased pre-made. Cabbage rolls, filled with meat (typically ground beef or pork) and grain (typically rice or buckwheat), wrapped in cabbage leaves and then cooked in a tomato sauce are to die for.  I even have friends who are anti-cabbage who come around when it comes to my grandma’s cabbage rolls. I still have to learn how to make them on my own (I find I still need her guidance as my ability to form the rolls needs a LOT of work) and thus, it is something I really look forward to during the holidays.

3. Seeing all of my friends and family.  I don’t get to see my extended family much, so the holidays are great because I get to see them and catch up on their lives.  I also make a point of seeing all of my close friends–and even luck out sometimes and get to see ones who fly in from out of town.  It’s the only time of year where I find people really do try to squeeze you into their crazy schedules—everyone wants to see each other and extend happy holiday wishes.

4. The baking.  It’s definitely no secret on this blog that I love baking–and I love how holiday baking is baking on steroids.  I really can’t wait to really get started on making my treats this weekend and next–it is going to be epic. 🙂

5.  Holiday spa trip with my friends L and M.  We have been doing this for a few years now.  We get pedicures and massages, lounge in the steam rooms and drink champagne, followed by dinner.  It’s a completely indulgent, but wonderful time and I love, love, love our annual holiday appointments.

What are your favourite things about the holidays?  Let me know in the comments! 🙂

Much love,

~Princess Lisa


10 thoughts on “Friday Five: Holiday Season

  1. My mom and grandma make the best cabbage rolls and perogies (I don’t even want to attempt to spell the Ukrainian word for those). Best part of the holidays for me is time off work and not having to go anywhere!

    • I’m with you on loving the time off. I have a job shuts down for the few days between Christmas and New Year and it is the best perk of a job I think I could ever ask for. Oh and three cheers for grandma/mom made cabbage rolls and perogies–they are always the best kinds. 🙂

    • It initially started as a post exams, need to feel pretty after weeks of looking like death tradition…and then it involved to a holiday thing. It is such a nice breath of fresh air through the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

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