Throwback Thursday: Frosty the Snowgirls

Sledding with Aussies and cousins in -40...after a blizzard

Sledding with Aussies and cousins in -40…after a blizzard

Can you tell that we are cold in this photo? This is a photo of me, my two younger cousins and my dear Aussie friends.  I am in the purple coat, the cousins are on the outside edges in black, and the Aussies are next to and in front of me in the white hat and scarf and white and blue coat, respectively.

This day was a wonderful day–even with the cold.  My Aussie girls had left their gorgeous summers in Australia to come visit yours truly for Christmas in Canada.  I was in Australia the year prior and well, I feel that I got the better end of the deal, weather wise.  They would spend one week in Winnipeg, getting to know my friends and family over the holidays, and then we would do a mini trip to Las Vegas for New Years and a few days in LA since, well, we were a 40 minute, $29 dollar flight away…why not?

This trip to Winnipeg marked their first white Christmas and they got to experience two snow storms and one day when it was -40.  Sadly the snowstorm hit the day before our sledding extravaganza pictured above…and the minus forty hit the day of.  My Auntie K (who took this picture) insisted we persist as it would be a day the girls wouldn’t forget…and oh was she right.

My friends had trouble walking through the almost knee deep snow (no paths had yet been cleared) and also had issues breathing in the frosty air.  Eventually we made it to the top of Pope’s Hill in Birds Hill Park, Manitoba.  We each did a few runs up and down the hill, but the cold was so intense that we had to pack it in early.  My aunt then treated us to lunch with hot chocolates at Pineridge Hollow to warm up after our day on the hill.

My aunt, cousins and even my Aussie girls (one of which has a horrible memory), all remember that frozen day on the hill (and even bragged about experiencing -40 degrees).  It will always hold a special day in my heart and I’m forever thankful for it.  I hope that one day soon, my girls will come back to visit for another dose of Winnipeg’s winter wonderland.

Much love and stay warm!

~Princess Lisa




10 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Frosty the Snowgirls

    • That Colbert clip just makes me despise Chip Wilson more…such a d-bag. Glad he isn’t getting my hard earned cash anymore.

      Sledding is definitely fun. I haven’t been since that day, but it was such a good day that I don’t really mind. 🙂

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