Race Recap: Santa Shuffle + 100 Days of Fitness

Crazy as I am, I signed up for the Salvation Army Santa Shuffle just before we took off for Vegas.  I must have been in a really blissed-out mood, because I didn’t even think about what the weather might be like when we came back…mistake!!


For our Canadian friends, you know what those numbers mean. For our US friends, that’s -18F, or -33F “RealFeel” with the windchill included. Blech!!

I came home from Vegas to a huge pile of snow and disgustingly low temperatures.  But, I had paid my entry fee, and I wasn’t a wuss, so there was no way I was dropping out, despite the impending frostbite…

I didn’t pick up my race package in advance because, once again, it was downtown and I didn’t want to contend with parking and bad winter drivers.  But I had no problems picking it up on race morning, and the only real things of interest were my bib and some pocket handwarmers.



Outfit of the Day:  On this day, I had no brand allegiances – just whatever the h#$* was going to keep me warm!  That ended up being a Brooks tank + Run Happy base layer, adidas hoodie with extra-long sleeves and thumbholes, Nike tights, Sugoi compression socks, Running Room winter lined and windproof pants, and a Stormtech jacket, topped off with a balaclava and the new Mickey Mouse toque I picked up in Vegas.

The run went as good as could be expected.  By 1km I could see frost accumulating on my eyelashes.  I finished around 34 minutes, which was perfectly fine by me, considering the conditions, reduced mobility due to extra clothing layers, reduced stride due to snow and ice, etc.  They gave us medals which were a surprise to me; I keep calling it my “bravery medal” just for showing up!  Post-race there wasn’t much happening.  I just wanted to get home and get out of my soggy clothes that were making me colder.  They were serving water, Wagon Wheel cookies, and Subway sandwiches.  Unfortunately I wasn’t really up for a whole sandwich at the time, so I grabbed one to take home for later, gobbled my cookies, and left.  And that’ s my final race of the year!!  Woohoo!

As an update to my 100 Days of Fitness Challenge, here’s what you missed, Days 6-10.

December 6th, Day 6:  This was a horrible day outside, and I couldn’t even motivate myself to make the short trek to the gym, plus I was hurting from the night before, so I stayed in and played 35 minutes of Dance Central on XBox!

Day 7: The sub-zero Santa Shuffle 5k.

Day 8: Deep Water Workout at the neighbourhood pool.  I couldn’t believe how much my shoulders were killing me by that evening!

Day 9: Hybrid Bootcamp at my regular gym.  We had to do front squats, blech, and the circuit today was nasty!!  I did an extra bonus round too because I was feeling guilty about all the Christmas cookies that I baked…and subsequently ate…over the weekend.

Day 10: I’ll be back at Bootcamp again today after work.

…and that’s my week so far!
Princess Lindsey


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