6 Months til Fargo Half Marathon

Holy sh!t!

It’s six months to the day of my big goal race…and I really fell of the wagon over the month of November, but I’m hoping that, moving forward, December will be better.  I’ve worked out four days in a row, including 5 miles last night and have a personal training appointment on Wednesday to get an “get my ass back into pre-hiatus shape” workout for me to do over the next month.

It sorta sucks, too.  I had such high hopes of getting in some good speed work over the fall… and a nice goal of getting that great J. Crew winter coat–but it just wasn’t enough to keep me on track in the midst of the crazy train my life was on from late October until, well, now.  I’ve gained some weight and even though I don’t like it, I’m not too worried about it because I know it will be gone rather soon, now that I’m going to start back into proper, dedicated half marathon training.

I’m going to spend the next month (until January 10), just getting back into my stride.  This means runs no longer than about 7-8 miles and lots of shorter, speedier runs to get my leg speed back.  It’s not gone completely (I’m running between 8s and 8:15s, but one of my last good runs before chaos hit had me running 5 miles, non-stop at a speedy for me 7:30 pace).  This also means engaging in some consistent weight training (I’m horrible at weight training consistency) that directly targets glutes, hamstrings and core–aka all the key components for getting my speed back.

I feel like this approach–a four week stint of re-establishing my fitness, is a good step forward.  I’m not traveling for work until mid-January and I am off work–making ample time for hitting the gym to work off holiday goodies, maybe even doing a few two a day workouts.  I’m hoping that this fitness foundation will help carry me through the crazy period of work travel that is coming up in February and March and still have me achieving my goal for Fargo.  I can already visualize myself crossing that finish line and feeling like I did when I got my PRs at the Dumbo Double Dare–I imagine my race finish photo will look something like this (minus the ears and polka dot skirt):



Needless to say, I was pretty thrilled at this moment and not really aware of how dorky my victory arms would look in this photo.  Oh well. 🙂

Do you have any fun goals for next racing season?

Much luv,

~Princess Lisa




8 thoughts on “6 Months til Fargo Half Marathon

  1. Love it. Good goals.

    I’m hoping to get more consistent with weights too beyond my weekly TRX.

    Speaking of J crew. I just hit the sample sale this weekend and blew a wad. And I’m not even a crew girl!

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