Viva Las Vegas & Running Above Zero!

Hey there!

If you happen to follow us on facebook, twitter, or instagram, you might know that while Princess Lisa was loving the temps and snow in the Canadian prairies, I was off living the high life in Vegas!  I cam back to a very rude, blustery, icy welcome last night, and snowdrifts in my backyard that were up to my waist!

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While on vacay I made sure to get in plenty of shopping…and eating…but I also kicked off my 100 Day Fitness Challenge!

December 1st, Day 1:  a workout at the fitness centre at Treasure Island.  This was less than ideal for me – the gym was alright, but full of cardio and weight machines, which is not really my deal.  Give me free weights and a squat rack any day.  I made the most of it by jumping on the elliptical for a warm-up, and then snagging an Oly bar and a bit of free space.

Day 2:  my pal and I did a nice, short jaunt southbound down the Vegas strip.  We made it to the Flamingo, then turned around, did 5 sets of stairs at Caesar’s, and headed back for home.  Was about 2 miles roundtrip.

Day 3:  time for another tandem run, this time northbound to Circus Circus.  Neither of us had been there before, so we had to stop for a photo opp, threw a couple bills into their penny slots, and grabbed Krispy Kreme’s, his all-time American fav.  🙂    I forgot to turn off my GPS while we were  in the casino, but I think this turned out to be about 3 miles total.

Day 4:  I got to do a solo run (his feet were tired), so I thought I would make it a longer one.  I remembered that the University of Nevada at Las Vegas was supposed to be pretty close, so I google mapped it and headed out on Flamingo Road.  I got maybe 2 miles down the street, wind howling and blowing hair in my face, and thought “OK…I can’t see it…this must be further than it looked.”  But, I desperately wanted to say that “I ran to UNLV!” so I kept going…and going…and finally, there it was!  I snapped a quick photo and turned around…only to be rewarded by the disappointing battery dead of my headphones! Ugh!  So the road home was silent.  I also made the mistake of experimenting with my route.  I thought “I can see the Venetian!  I’m just going to run straight towards it and that will be a shortcut!”  Well…that may have been true, except that I got trapped in a business/residential district just off the strip, with lots of high, pointy, barbed-wire-topped fences that kept me from my destination.  So, I ended up doing an extra loop before getting back to the strip, I guess.  When I went to shut off my GPS I realized that it had paused itself upon the death of my headphones, so it hadn’t logged my miles past the turnaround point! UGGGGHH!!  I’m guessing it was about 6, at a 10:30 pace, which is pretty decent, considering my laziness lately.

Today, Day 5:  We got home around 12:30am and the snow that greeted me was so gross.  The drifts were so high that I couldn’t carry our bags from the garage to the house, as they would have had to be over my head!  So, since it was technically December 5th already, does 15 minutes of shoveling at 1am count towards my 30 minutes total for today?!  I’m hitting the gym after work anyhow, so whether it does or doesn’t, I’m still at my quota.

As Princess Lisa always says, Happy Small Friday, and keep thinking warm thoughts for us!
Princess Lindsey


3 thoughts on “Viva Las Vegas & Running Above Zero!

  1. Wow! I am impressed; I would be proud of myself for exercising just once during vacation. Managing every day is nothing short of amazing!

    • Thanks!! Now that you mention it, I’m quite impressed myself! I’ve certainly never done that before either! But this time was different: it wasn’t hard and I wasn’t whiny about it. I actually looked forward to my morning runs and the opportunity to lace up in the sunshine and bare streets. I guess it’s all about your attitude! xoox

  2. Shoveling snow DEFINITELY counts. I have never been so sore in my life as I was after digging my car out last time we had a really big snow! That’s so awesome that you stayed so motivated during your vacation!

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