(R)UNderwear-Yay or Nay?

Hello Ladies,

This post is strictly for the girls–what do you do regarding underwear for your runs?  I do a mixture of no undies for times when I am wearing running shorts with a built in pair of underwear and I wear underwear whenever I’m wearing tights (be it shorts, capris, etc).  Also, if you do wear undies, what do you wear?  Tech undies? Cotton?  Thongs? Briefs? Boyshorts?

While I toured some Black Friday sales this weekend, I picked up a half dozen of Victoria’s Secret workout underwear.

5/6 pairs--I'm wearing the Stripey sixth pair.

5/6 pairs–I’m wearing the Stripey sixth pair.

Mine in the past have been tech material undies from Lululemon.  Given the fact that they don’t like my thighs anymore, I have opted to buy mine from other companies–and Victoria’s Secret was the first that I came across that were on sale at 3/$33.

I tested them out on a five mile run on Sunday and overall, I really feel that these are winners and get the Prairie Princess Stamp of Approval for the following reasons:

  • VPL–you cannot see these under tights.  At. All.  I was blown away.  It was like not wearing anything.  Super impressed.  it’s probably because they are seam free and lazer cut.
  • Dryness–the tag says quick drying and they mean it. They felt comfortable and dry during my run and were even comfortable to put back on after a quick bathroom break during my workout (this would normally feel like putting on a wet bathing suit, which is unpleasant at best).
  • Fit–this was equally great.  I never had to re-adjust them during the run.  They stayed put and no issues with chaffing.
  • Styles–they come in booty short style like these and thongs.  I have yet to try the thongs
  • Colours–lots of great colour options as you can see above.

Have you tried Victoria’s Secret workout undies?  Or Rundies?  Do you like a different brand?  Let me know in the comments!

Happy Monday!

~Princess Lisa


12 thoughts on “(R)UNderwear-Yay or Nay?

  1. So funny you mention this cuz until I went Black Friday shopping, I didn’t even know running panties were a thing! In all honesty I can offer no help here cuz I’ve never had a real issue. Don’t care much about VPL and thongs drive me mostly batty. I usually just go with whatever is comfy.

    But now I’m a bit curious…

    I’m also boycotting lululemon even though I’ve never bought from him. Now, I never will!

    • I think it is a weird, unspoken thing. Lol. It is funny because there is so much information and blogs about every other piece of running gear except underwear. I have run with and without, in tech material and in cotton. I prefer with, tech materials. Lol.

      I have never cared about VPL in the past, but the sales girl made a point of it, so i checked and sure enough–smooth as anything. My old lulus were super noticeable (as a counterpoint).

      I would def give these a try if you feel like spending a few bucks and want to try some rundies. Lol.

  2. I am a big fan of Patagonia’s athletic underwear. Very comfy stuff. BUT PRICEY! About double the price of the VS ones you got. I bought a pair of Lulu panties once and they were the worst things I have ever tried on. The XL cut into me and I promptly got rid of them before even working out in them.

    • I have never tried Patagonia. Might have to seek some of it out, preferably on sale. The lulu ones I mention were all purchased a long time ago (stocked up on a bunch on sale). I have heard nothing but nightmarish things about the newer designs and materials.

  3. I save my runderwear for special occasions, like the marathon and long runs. Yes, I have special occasion runderwear. I got my first pair from lululemon, they don’t make those anymore, and then I got a three pack from Target on clearance for $10. The price tag is mostly what stops me from buying them… And I don’t care about lines, I’ve got enough fashion problems already lines are the last thing anyone will notice…

    • I use mine all the time. Aside from shorter runs when I tend to use my runner shorts with built in (r)undies. Are the target ones just target brand or Champion like their workout line? As for the vpl, I guess I was surprised that what the sales person said was right. I anticipated that it wouldn’t be the case, especially under tights.

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