Gratitude Challenge: November 24

Can you believe that there are only about five weeks left of 2013? I am blown away by the fact that plans are already afoot for 2014…and heck, to some extent, 2015!  What is even crazier is that I know the next five weeks will fly by with all of the typical holiday hooplah that is to come…and granted, it will be even quicker for my American friends as this week was Thanksgiving.  Speaking of Thanksgiving…here’ s my gratitude list for the past week.

Sunday: 11/24/2013

1. Made some rather impressive looking cupcakes that were inspired by the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, Karamel Sutra.  I thought they were ok, but friends and family thought they were among the best things I’ve made.


2. Ran four miles in just over 32 minutes today while watching the Vikings mess up big time against the Green Bay Packers.  Apparently anger makes me run better.  Who knew?

3. The weather warmed up rather dramatically last night, which made driving home from my friend’s place extra pleasant.  If this is how winter in Winnipeg was all the time, well, I wouldn’t hate winter. lol.

Monday: 11/25/2013

1. I did my first weights workout in a few weeks and I ran 3 miles.

2. I just planned a trip to Toronto to run a 10K with a dear friend from Grad School in April 2014.

3.  I got to watch Walking Dead (and Talking Dead) after work as I had remembered to PVR them before girls night on Sunday.  So happy that it turned out (I always have a fear that the power will go out or my PVR will die).

Tuesday: 11/26/2013

1. I have sick time at my job.  One of the wonderful benefits of my job is that I have sick time when I need it–and rest assured it was needed today–I had one hell of a migraine.

2. My first box of amazon purchases came today–and it’s a boatload of my favourite children’s books.

3. I treated myself to a lunch of Cherry Garcia ice cream–mostly because my head hurt so much that I could barely stand up and the ice cream also served as a pain killer as I would hold the pint of ice cream against my forehead when I wasn’t eating. lol

Wednesday: 11/27/2013

1. My second Amazon order came today–filled with presents for me and for others, mostly others.  I have already tried out my new foam roller (was 60%off as per Black Friday Week deals) and I love it–now just need to try out my new cookbook from a bakery in Vancouver called Butter.

2.  I made it to the gym.  My legs were sore from my first weight workout in over two weeks, but I got it in.  I did weights again and did a three mile run.  This one was definitely a character builder and it really makes you appreciate when the runs feel good because it’s hard slogging when they don’t.

3. Bacon.   I had a few strips leftover so I made a scrambled egg skillet for dinner with said bacon, eggs, peppers, mushrooms, spinach and avocado.  It was delish and easy–which really are the best kind of dinners.

Thursday: 11/28/2013

1. It was a beautiful morning.  Since it snowed all night, the big, fluffy flakes, the ground was sparkly with fluffy white stuff, which provided an ethereal reflection in the sky–it almost glowed in a weird greyish, magenta shade that screams cozy winter morning.  There was also hoar frost on the trees, which is probably my favourite thing about winter, bar none.  Such a shame that Winnipeg winters aren’t like this all the time.

2. I ran four miles and it only felt slightly death like–yay for progress! 🙂

3. I ate too much junk food today….and it was fabulous. 🙂

Friday: 11/29/2013

1. Fab food and shopping with a childhood friend.

2. It’s Friday.

3. It warmed up dramatically, which meant that I didn’t freeze while shopping this evening. Mental note–chose function over fashion next time…maybe.

Saturday: 11/30/2013

1. I am grateful for having the opportunity to do nothing on my Saturday if I feel like it.

2. YouTube has my favourite childhood Christmas special – Muppet Family Christmas–complete uncut, just like when it first aired in 1987.

3. The Hunger Games. Went to see Catching Fire–made a frustrating day end on a high note.

Hope you are finding lots of things to be grateful for this week!

~Princess Lisa


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